Bond Cleaning Checklist

bond cleaning checklist

What Is A Bond Cleaning Checklist?

When a security deposit is paid at the beginning of the tenancy it is referred to as a bond. This bond amount can be refunded once you vacate the house or complete your lease. Before vacating the house and receiving the deposit, it’s important to get the house cleaned. For this, a bond cleaning checklist is very important. Bond cleaning is a system of cleaning a unit or home. You need to get a bond cleaning or the end of the lease done to receive the refund of the bond from the house owner. Bond cleaning is deep cleaning and sanitization that a tenant gets done before moving out of the house. Though the entire bond amount is refundable, if the cleaning is not done as per the owner’s expectation they have all the rights to hold back the amount.

To receive the deposited amount, ensure that the rental house you vacate is spic and span. This creates a positive impression on the owner. To make the cleaning a better process preparing a bond cleaning checklist would save you time and delivers the best results.

To get back your refund as a tenant, it’s important to understand the complete process of bond cleaning services, and also the bond cleaning costs if availing of the professional services.

What Is The Process For A Bond Refund In Sydney?

  • Choose a house cleaning company that fits your requirements
  • The agent will prepare the lease contract with all the necessary information for you, the owner, and the agent to sign
  • The bond should be lodged at the residential tenancies bond authority
  • A report with all the initial conditions will be made between the tenant and the agent at the beginning of the rent or lease
  • This report mentions that the tenant has to maintain the property till the end of his contract similar way when he first moved
  • Any damages to be repaired and bond cleaning to be completed at the time of vacating
  • Final inspection either by the owner or the agent to be done to see if the property is intact
  • Once the property is intact and agreed upon by all the parties, the agent or the property owner releases the funds electronically

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Why Is Bond Cleaning Important?

There are several benefits of bond cleaning and listed below are a few:

Cleanliness Positively Impacts Hygiene

Bond cleaning ensures that every nook and corner of the house is clean without a single spec of dust. This will ultimately prove how much you value cleanliness and the owner is satisfied. It is highly likely that the owner would recommend you to other owners or will state your example for other tenants regarding cleanliness.

Provides Complete Refund

A deposit is very important for the tenant as it is not a small amount. Proper bond cleaning for the entire house will assure you of the total refund of the deposit.

Helps Concentrate On Important Things

A thorough cleaning done by professional bond cleaning service providers can save you time and effort which can be utilized in important things like searching for a new house, paying off your bills, shifting items, etc.

Help Owners Find The Next Tenants Quickly

A clean house attracts tenants quickly. By getting the bond cleaning done, it becomes easier for the owners to find their next tenants and creates a good impact on people coming to the house.

Professional Cleaning

By hiring end-of-lease cleaning providers you can be guaranteed that they would know the cleaning techniques without damaging any of the items.

Save On Costs

With the help of reputed cleaning services, you need not invest a huge amount in buying cleaning products like brushes, cleaning agents, scrubs, gloves, vacuum cleaners, etc. Since everything is taken care of by the service providers you save on the costs.


bond cleaning checklist

What Is Included In The Bond Cleaning Checklist?

Bond cleaning is essential to cover all the cleaning legal requirements. Well-known bond cleaners offer a checklist as to where the cleaning needs to be done. This helps in preparing the legal report. Below is the bond cleaning checklist that includes each room of the house:

Basic Items To Be Cleaned

  • Cleaning of curtains that requires washing and drying
  • Vacuum and cleaning of windows, and window grills
  • Carefully clean the doors, door frames, door handles, and tracks
  • Cleaning of the walls, and ceilings with soap or liquid detergents based on the paint quality
  • Removal of cobwebs from walls, ceilings
  • Cleaning of lights, fans, and ACs with a wet vacuum and wet cloth
  • Cleaning switches, switchboards, and other power points
  • Cleaning of floors and skirtings with soap water, disinfectant
  • Mirrors, surfaces, shelves, drawers, and wardrobes to be cleaned
  • Exhaust fans and air vents throughout the house to be cleaned
Kitchen Cleaning
  • Cleaning the chimney and chimney pipes with soap and cloth
  • Clean the gas tops, ovens, and electric stoves thoroughly
  • Removing grease from the glass doors, shelves, and oven doors
  • Soap or mild cleaning agents to be used to clean the refrigerators and dishwashers
  • Windows, sills, tracks, and screens are to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Clean all counters and splashbacks with soap and water
  • Taps, sinks, drains, and drain boards are to be cleaned
  • The entire floor is to be vacuumed and mopped
Living Room Cleaning
  • Cleaning the sofas and centre tables with a vacuum and soap and then drying it
  • Cleaning the showcase, artifacts if any, TV units, and shelves with a wet and dry cloth
  • Cleaning the dining table, chairs
  • Sofa covers, pillow covers, or runners if any to be washed and dried
  • The carpet is to be vacuumed and cleaned
Bedroom Cleaning
  • Cleaning of beds, wardrobes, shelves, or any other furniture
  • Washing of bedsheets, and pillow covers
  • Carpets to be vacuumed
Bathroom Cleaning
  • Bathing showers, hand showers, taps, and sinks are to be cleaned
  • Gratings and soap dispensers to be cleaned
  • Cleaning of shower screens
  • Bathtubs and toilets are to be cleaned and disinfected
  • Mirrors are to be cleaned with paper or soft cloth
  • Clean draws and cupboards
  • Mats to be cleaned
  • Floors to be mopped and cleaned
Garage and Driveway Cleaning
  • Windows to be vacuumed and washed
  • Clean all the debris and unwanted stuff in the garage
  • Dust and cobwebs to be cleared
  • The floor is to be washed with water to remove all the tough stains
  • Before the inspection make sure your bins are empty and kept in their correct place
  • Garage door to be closed and locked properly
Garden Area Cleaning
  • Keep the lawn clean by mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, and removing any weeds
  • Remove all the dried leaves, twigs, etc
  • Pots and plant storage things to be cleaned
  • The patio and walk area are to be swept for cleaned paths to walk

Once your bond cleaning checklist is ready take a cost estimation from the company. Usually, the bond cleaning cost depends on the number of rooms to be cleaned and can range anywhere from $200 to $1500 approximately.

Procure An All-inclusive Bond Cleaning Checklist By Multi Cleaning

Want to vacate the house with peace of mind and get your full bond refund? You are at the right place. Multi Cleaning will offer a stress-free cleaning experience by not only cleaning your property but assuring you money back and a safe and fresh environment. Hope this blog helps you understand why bond cleaning is important and what needs to be included in the checklist.

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