Bond Cleaning Schedule And Checklist

Bond cleaning schedule/checklist

Comprehensive Bond Cleaning Schedule

Finding the best cleaning company offering high-quality services at an affordable price range is challenging. Thus, most tenants consider rolling up their sleeves and start doing all the dirty work while moving out. But it becomes impossible for them as numerous jobs need to be done at that time.  If you have finalized the impending moving-out arrangements, it is time to hire a professional cleaning company that will accomplish the entire bond cleaning schedule on your behalf. They will make sure that the property is back at its original position when you have received your tenancy. It will also help you to get a refund from your landowner without difficulty.

Details of Bond Cleaning Schedule

Based on the state your house is in, we have covered everything in this checklist below that most professional bond cleaning companies in Sydney follow.

Living Room Cleaning

  • Dust the walls and make them free of wallpaper remnants, marks, cobwebs, nails, spots, and stains.
  • All handles of the doors and windows should be clean and polished with no stains, fingerprints, or marks.
  • There should be no dust and cobwebs in the corners.
  • Mirrors should be spotless, dusted, and polished with no fingerprints, marks, or smudges.
  • Shades, plugs, light fittings, switches, and sockets should be clean.
  • Clean the fireplace from dust and dirt.
  • The floor, including the areas under the tables, sofas, carpets, beds, chairs, and others, should be wiped, vacuumed, and stain-free.
  • The carpet should also be clean.
  • Drawers, cupboards, and shelves should be clear out, polished, and dusted inside out.
  • Thoroughly clean the ledges and window sills.
  • Clean the framed wall pictures with no streaks, spots, or marks.
  • Wipe and clean the skirting, banisters, curtain rails, dado rails, spindles, and stairs.
  • Clean the radiators from top to bottom and behind.
  • Mop and sweep the hard floors.
  • Vacuum the upholstery, including the segments underneath and behind the cushions.
  • Wipe, dust, and polish all the wooden furniture.

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Kitchen Cleaning

  • Remove the dust, dirt, and cobwebs from the kitchen fixtures and walls
  • Eliminate the dirt, grime, dust, and grease from the kitchen exhaust, ceiling fan, and sink
  • Clean the baseboards, other segments, walls, and doors of the kitchen and ensure they are free from stains and molds
  • Clean, empty, and sanitize the trash bins
  • Clean and polish the grill and hobs
  • Sanitize and clean the entire kitchen storage units
  • Make sure to sanitize and check if all the garbage disposal and drains are functioning perfectly
  • Wipe and vacuum clean the kitchen corners
  • Clean the refrigerator, dishwasher, kettle, other kitchen appliances, microwave, freezer, toaster and more inside out
  • Another compulsory end-of-lease cleaning checklist for the kitchen includes degreasing the oven and stove
  • Polish all the glass and chrome parts of the oven or stove
  • Mop and vacuum the floors
  • Clean all the internal windows, tracks, and sills

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Beds should be orderly and clean
  • Clean and polish the metal or wooden parts of the beds
  • All the storage units like drawers, wardrobes, night tables, cupboards, and more should be empty and clean
  • Clean and empty all the waste paper baskets
  • A house cleaning services also vacuum the mattresses on both sides to remove hair, dust, and other debris
  • Clean all the reading lamps
  • Vacuum the carpets and the ceiling fans

Bond cleaning checklist/schedule

Toilet And Bathroom Cleaning

  • Eliminate all the cobwebs by dusting the entire area
  • Clean, polish, de-scale, and dry the taps and fittings, shower screen, basin, bathtub, and shower head
  • Polish the mirror and the toothbrush glass to make sure there are no fingerprints or smudges
  • Empty the shelves and the cupboards to make sure there are no mold infestations Spot-clean the baseboards, doors, and walls
  • Mop and sweep the entire floor
  • Another must-have in the checklist for bond cleaning in Sydney is to clean and make the walls free from any mold
  • Clean the tower rails, radiator, and soap and tissue dispensers
  • Clean, de-scale, and disinfect the toilet, bidet, floor, and toilet seat
  • The extractor fan should be grime and mould-free and clean
  • Wipe clean the countertops and fixtures
  • Disinfect and sanitize all the other segments of the bathroom

Garage Cleaning

  • Doing the required yard work like weeding the garden, sweeping the paved areas, mowing the lawn, and trimming all the trees
  • Mopping and sweeping all the outside floors
  • Dusting the exterior windows, walls, railings, and the patio area
  • Eliminating all the rocks, leaves, and other obstacles from the steps, entryways, and footpaths.
  • Getting rid of any animal messes
  • Repairing the damages done by your fur babies
  • Hosing down and cleaning all the exterior segment
  • Remove cobwebs and clean the outside kitchen appliances like barbecues and grills.
  • Cleaning any dirt or oil marks on the garage door
  • Making the letterbox clean and free of any debris and dust
  • Eliminating the debris in the spa and the pool area
  • Changing and replacing the filter in the pool
  • Washing, emptying, and drying the trash cans

Get Your Bond Back With Our Bond Cleaning Schedule

The task of moving to a new neighbourhood and starting everything fresh is itself a cumbersome task. But you also need to fulfil the bond cleaning that you have agreed upon in your rental agreement. The best way to do this is to fix a bond cleaning checklist with an expert cleaning agency like Multi Cleaning, who will make your home spotless like a new one.

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