Cleaning Tips For A Healthy Childcare Centre

Childcare cleaning tips

Explore Various Useful Childcare Cleaning Tips

A childcare centre is concerned about caring for a child. But, it’s not possible to care for children without maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. So, if you own a childcare centre, you should be aware that children often enjoy exploring their surroundings. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to focus on cleanliness to ensure the health and well-being of children. You should always follow some useful childcare cleaning tips.

All you need to do is to implement the most effective cleaning practices to clean your childcare centre. And it’s something that one can’t do without following valuable tips and tricks. In this post, we will discuss various crucial tips and tricks that will help you maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your childcare premises.

Childcare Cleaning Tips That You Should Consider

1. Make A Comprehensive Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining a fully structured cleaning routine is necessary to maintain cleanliness in a childcare premise. You can create a complete childcare cleaning checklist that covers different areas that need regular cleaning, including restrooms, playrooms, sleeping quarters, and eating areas. You should always assign a particular task to every member to ensure their accountability. You can make a proper cleaning schedule that should be daily, weekly, and monthly. The childcare cleaning routine gives you a surety that no area is neglected.

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2. Clean Toy And Play Equipment

The next tip for cleaning a childcare centre is to clean various toys and play equipment. Keep in mind that these are hotspots of germs and bacteria. So, you can sanitize them regularly to reduce the infection risk among all kinds. You can always use disinfects that should be safe for your children. You can make a solution by combining vinegar and water. You can use this combination to clean toys and playing equipment, which is available in your childcare centre.

3. Always Target High-Touch Areas To Disinfect

Your childcare centre has many areas that people touch so frequently. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to these areas and make a proper routine to disinfect them. You should focus on various high-touch surfaces including light switches, doorknobs, tabletops, handrails, etc. You can disinfect these areas regularly, which helps you reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. A professional company that provides childcare cleaning services always focuses on these areas to disinfect.

4. Provide Adequate Training To Your Cleaning Staff

It’s essential to provide proper training to all staff members on various cleaning protocols and procedures. You should provide complete instructions to your staff in terms of the way to use eco-friendly commercial cleaning products, the significance of maintaining cleanliness, and the way to handle the waste. It’s crucial to start open communication among staff related to any cleaning issues that may take place.

Cleaning tips for a healthy childcare centre

5. Do Waste Management Properly

No matter how much cleaning effort you put into maintaining cleanliness in your childcare centre, it becomes futile without proper waste management. You can always place labelled and easily accessible trash bins in many areas. You should sanitize and empty your bins to prevent odours and the spread of germs and bacteria. You can always teach your children about proper waste disposal, including composting and recycling.

6. Perform Deep Cleaning Regularly

The next tip that you should follow in cleaning the childcare centre is to perform a deep cleaning regularly. It includes proper cleaning of upholstery, carpets, curtains, etc. Steam cleaning or washing those products to remove dust, dirt, allergens, etc. You should always pay special attention to even those areas that you can’t reach easily. Even hidden corners should ensure a comprehensive cleaning.

7. Clean Filters And Air Vents Properly

Make sure your childcare centre has a proper ventilation system. It helps you maintain fresh air quality. You should always open windows, which help the circulation of fresh air. Apart from this, you should never forget to clean filters and air vents, which help you prevent a build-up of allergens and dust. You can improve indoor air quality by using natural air-purifying plants.


Cleaning a childcare centre is a highly responsible task. Above are tips that most cleaning services in Sydney like Multi Cleaning follow to clean child care centres. You can also follow the above tips to witness the best outcomes.

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