How To Clean Tile Grout?

How to clean tile grout

Ways To Clean Tile Grout

With time, the grout between tiles can attract stains, dirt, and mildew, which can make the appearance of your tiled surface awkward. But, you can improve the appearance of the surface with the use of the right tools and techniques. It helps you gain an original appearance on your tiled surface.

In this post, we will discuss tips on how to clean tile grout to improve the appearance of every nook and cranny. You can first find out the right type of grout to choose the appropriate cleaning solution. These guides will help you to clean every type of tile grout, be it kitchen backsplashes, bathroom tiles, or other areas.

Tips And Tricks To Clean Tile Grout

1. Get Essential Supplies

Before you start tile grout cleaning, you should find the necessary supplies first. These necessary supplies include an old toothbrush, stiff-bristle brush, baking soda, spray bottle, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, oxygen bleach, lemon juice, mop sponge, etc. Once you have all these essential cleaning supplies, you can start your journey.

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2. Use A Homemade Grout Cleaner

A homemade grout cleaner works wonders for light dirt and stains. You can combine water with baking soda and form a paste. You can then use the paste for grout lines and allow it to sit for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. After this, you can scrub the grout using a stiff-bristle brush. After this, rinse it with warm water. It’s natural yet a highly effective solution that can remove surface stains easily.

3. Regular Maintenance Is Necessary

We all are familiar with the point that prevention is better than cure. So, if you do maintenance of tile grout, there’s less chance of accumulation of dirt and grime, which creates a daily cleaning schedule. All you need to do is to wipe down tiles and group them using a damp cloth every time you use it.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide With Vinegar

Keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are the most powerful cleaning agents that can remove stubborn grout stains. So, if you want to utilize vinegar properly, you can pour it into a spray bottle and then spray it directly onto grout lines. You can then let it sit for a couple of minutes and scrub the grout gently using a toothbrush and then rinse it with warm water. Hydrogen peroxide is another good option for removing deep stains.

All you need to do is use hydrogen peroxide directly to stain several grout lines and then bubble for several minutes. You can then scrub the grout using a brush and then rinse properly. Never forget to wear gloves and have proper ventilation while using hydrogen peroxide to clean tile grout.

Clean tile grout

5. Oxygen Bleaching For Tough Stains

Removing stubborn grout stains is something that is certainly not an easy task. You can use oxygen bleach to remove these stains to get a better result. Oxygen bleach is a non-toxic option to chlorine bleach, which makes it safe to use on coloured grout. You should follow the complete instructions that appeared on the packages to make a cleaning solution.

Once you make a cleaning solution, you can use the solutions to the grout lines and allow it to sit for a recommended time. You can then scrub it using a brush and rinse the grout to remove any residue.

6. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon is another cleaning alternative that makes it effortless to remove stains while leaving a fresh scent. You can squeeze fresh lemon juice on the grout lines for a few minutes, scrub it, and rinse it. Thanks to the natural acidity of lemon juice that helps break down stains while leaving your grout looks clean and smells delightful.


Tile grout cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance of your home, office, and commercial premises. You can follow the above tips and tricks and implement them properly to get fantastic results. You can hire Sydney cleaners at Multi Cleaning for effective tile grout cleaning.

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