How Much Does Cleaning Cost In Brisbane?

cleaning cost in Brisbane

The Factors That Influence Cleaning Costs In Brisbane

A clean office is where success resides. Employees are highly motivated to work in a clean and hygienic environment. It is the best incentive an employer can offer to their staff. Entering a clean, organized, and decluttered office is a welcome sign to boost productivity. Many businesses in Brisbane are in a dilemma of whether to opt for in-house janitors or outsource the task to a reputed commercial cleaning company like Multi Cleaning. Budget is the crucial deciding factor in taking a call on hiring a commercial cleaning company. A host of factors are considered before finalizing the cleaning cost.

Whether regular cleaning or deep cleaning, a professional can do the job effectively at a cost. But what is the cleaning cost in Brisbane? It is not easy to conclude whether the cost is economical or expensive. The average office cleaning cost starts at $30 and goes up to $40 per hour. Here are some useful tips on how certain factors affect commercial cleaning costs.

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Factors Influencing The Cleaning Cost In Brisbane

Various factors influence the office cleaning price in Brisbane, go ahead and check the listing.

Property type

Not all properties are the same; they can be classified into; offices, industrial buildings, malls, warehouses, shopping centers, hospitals/clinics, restaurants/hotels, etc. Each has its unique cleaning requirement.

  • Offices require less deep cleaning and can do with weekly cleaning routines. It is the highest income source for cleaning companies.
  • Industrial building cleaning in Brisbane requires intense maintenance due to the quick build-up of dirt, grime, and other pollutants. Daily or weekly cleaning is suggested for industries.
  • Malls have some of the highest footfall, and cleaning cannot be ignored. Not just everyday cleaning but cleaning and sanitizing the place several times a day is crucial. The bathrooms and other public areas have to be frequently sanitized.
  • Warehouses are the most difficult to clean, with high raised ceilings, difficult-to-reach corners, and sophisticated machinery. These require specialized cleaning, especially during non-peak hours.
  • Hospitals/clinics maintain high cleaning standards. The health and safety of the staff and patients are at risk. The place requires frequent cleaning.
  • Restaurants/hotels’ public dining areas and restrooms need to be cleaned often. With high traffic, there should be no compromise on cleaning in Brisbane.

The cleaning cost varies depending on the above space.

Size of office

The number of rooms to be cleaned defines the office cleaning cost. If there are more restrooms, pantries, etc., the commercial cleaning cost can be higher.

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Value-added service

What needs to be cleaned decides the cost. The common services are surface cleaning, metal cleaning, furniture cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, workstation cleaning, disinfecting touchpoints, and removing trash. Some also add upholstery cleaning, restocking supplies, etc., but this comes at an additional cost.

Cleaning schedule

Those seeking frequent cleaning should book a subscription cleaning; here, you save costs compared to a one-time booking. Off-office hour cleaning costs more than regular hour cleaning.


Cleaning a suburban office is cheaper when compared to cleaning in big cities like Brisbane, Sydney, etc.

Determining Cleaning Cost

Reputed cleaning companies like Multi Cleaning provide a formal quote based on their site visit. The cost of cleaning is usually between 5 to 55 cents per square foot. The quote details will include the following:

  • Labor, material, and equipment cost
  • Contract period
  • Payment terms
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance

The cleaning cost varies on the size and frequency of cleaning. Large premises with once-a-week cleaning will cost lesser when compared to small premises with daily cleaning. Brisbane’s average office cleaning cost is between $30 to $40 per hour. Keeping all the above factors in mind, the cleaning cost is determined.

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