Commercial Cleaning Facts In 2024

commercial cleaning facts

Interesting Commercial Cleaning Facts That You May Need To Know

Commercial space has dozens of people working, eating, and drinking in the office. It is the place where employees spend most of the day. So it can get easily filthy, messy, and worn out. While you have cleaning staff to do your cleaning, it is not necessarily a deep or efficient cleaning. That is because they do not have the expertise and the equipment for it. In short, it is a colossal waste of resources and time if you tackle the cleaning in-house.

A commercial cleaning company like Multi Cleaning is what is the need of the hour. They have the tools and the expertise to manage the cleaning. But there are many things about these cleaning companies that you don’t know. Here are some commercial cleaning facts that tell you why you should hire a professional cleaner.

Some Top Commercial Cleaning Facts

Germs All The Way

Germs are invisible, and they are easy to ignore as it is unseen. Just because your space looks clean does not mean it is germ-free. Commercial cleaning experts, from their experience, say that there are ten of a thousand germs. It can be on the keyboard, mouse, chair, etc. So an employee’s desk can have millions of bacteria. Without proper cleaning, these increase by 30% every day. This piece of stat is enough to suggest that your office space needs sanitization.

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Mess Because Of Food

There are a huge number of cases of foodborne diseases recorded every year. What that essentially means is that one should pay close attention to kitchen areas. This space needs cleaning in every nook and corner without exception.

Also, another commercial cleaning facts is that as many as two-thirds of the office goers have lunch at their desks. Among these, only a small percentage clean their office desk before eating. So can you imagine the number of germs that they are consuming? Imagine the infections that they are harbouring in that space.

Additionally, people leave crumbs on the desk, making it look dirty and can potentially attract pests. Commercial cleaning services can sanitize and remove hidden germs that plague the office.

Flexible Scheduling

Commercial cleaning services often offer flexible scheduling options to minimize disruption to regular business operations. This may include cleaning during non-business hours or on weekends. Our cleaners can work at night to clean your office or commercial environment to bring a bright and fresh feel for you the next day at the entrance.

Cost-Effective Outsourcing

Outsourcing your commercial cleaning will be a cost-effective option because they will bring the equipment and supplies that are required for cleaning the office. Also, a professional cleaner knows how to handle any type of cleaning requirements for you business environment.

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Cleaning Common Areas

Besides computers, keyboards, mice, and personal office space, many common areas need cleaning. These, too, are high-prone areas for germs and bacteria. Some of them are microwaves, sinks, vending machines, fridge handles, and water fountains. These are some of the dirty surfaces which need effective cleaning.

A study suggests that men’s bathroom is dirtier than women’s. There is an added potential for diseases as washroom sinks can spread diseases. Water cooler buttons are also known for being high-risk transmission of all types of diseases. Another potential place for contamination is the office phone. Most of the dust in common areas is of dead skin flakes. Even if your in-house staff clean their spaces, common areas pose a high risk for diseases. They need commercial cleaning to handle the mess.

Missed Areas

Daily cleaning of the kitchens and washrooms by your staff may not always be effective as they may miss some of the areas. It is easy to forget that the surface is contaminated as many hands touch them. But a professional cleaning company will have the knowledge and the awareness that these are high-touch surfaces. Commercial cleaning companies hit the most overlooked areas like doorknobs, light switches, and elevator buttons. A professional cleaning service won’t let the dirty areas getaway. They do not miss the germs anywhere.

Commercial Cleaning Is Not An Easy Job

While it seems like cleaning is easy, it can be tough if you have to do it repeatedly for an extended period. If the staff who is doing this is not regular at this, it is draining and tiring. It is trying your hand at cooking without even knowing the basics. Get a professional cleaning company to complete the work to prevent all this.

Everyday Cleaning

The pathogens that live on the surface can last for as many as three days. Anyone who gets in contact with it becomes vulnerable to diseases. That gets to carry forward, and hence cleaning becomes important. Commercial cleaning facts are that disinfection on an everyday basis without exceptions is essential in office spaces. A professional cleaning company does that without any hassles.

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Use of Cleaning Products

There are many types of products for various types of environments and surfaces. Commercial cleaning services know what to use in what area and how to use them appropriately. Many cleaning companies have dilution centres for properly mixing concentrate and water for effective cleaning. Using green cleaning products for your commercial space is necessary.

There is a right way to use disinfectants. Any disinfectant you use needs at least 30 seconds of incubation period. It has to be left on the surface for this amount of time to get the benefits. The purpose is not fulfilled if you just mix and mop the surface. Professionals know this aspect and act accordingly.

Understand Green Cleaning

Though everyone knows about green cleaning, very few understand what it means. Green cleaning means the protocols, procedures, and cleaning methods are friendly. It involves the use of organic solutions and supplies that are free from chemicals. Companies like Multi Cleaning offer this service and believe in sustainable cleaning. It reduces the impact on the environment. It also prevents side effects of chemical solutions like rashes, skin allergies, irritations, etc.

Time Spent Indoors Is More

A majority of the time people spend is indoors. A huge percentage of the population spends their time indoors so you can imagine the touches on the surface. The grease, sweat, litter, and footprint were everywhere. So hiring a commercial cleaning can help in disinfection as much as possible.

Trained and Certified Staff

Professional cleaning staff undergo training and certification programs to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to perform their duties effectively and safely.


There are many more commercial cleaning facts; the above is a quick run-down. But what is important to note here is that hiring a cleaning provider is essential. They use the correct cleaning procedure and prevent the spread of diseases.

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