Process Of Commercial Cleaning In Sydney

commercial cleaning process

Here’s How To Do Commercial Cleaning

People spend most of their waking hours at work. So it becomes important for businesses to provide a healthy and safe environment. Many businesses use janitors for cleaning. But it is only emptying of thrash and a quick dusting. The actual cleaning is minimal, with deep removal of dust and allergens on the carpets, blinds, and upholstery. Cleaning of windows, AC vents, etc., is important. Commercial cleaning does all this and more. So what is the commercial cleaning process that they follow? Read on to know more about it.

The Step-By-Step Commercial Cleaning Process

Office cleaning is a strenuous process for a business owner. But not if you hire office cleaning services. Yet, it can still be manageable on your own. Getting the basics right is essential for your office cleaning to be effective. Here is a framework for the commercial cleaning process that works each time.


When it comes to commercial cleaning, you can’t jumpstart with a mop and a broom in hand. You should have a plan in place so that you know what effort to put in and where. So the first task in the commercial cleaning procedure is to inspect the premises. Take a long walk around the space with a pen and paper. Note down things that need a deep clean and those that need a touch-up.

Go to every corner of the building and determine the stains and the focus area in your routine. This effort may take time, but it reduces the cleaning time. It is a standard process that all Multi Cleaning follows.

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Cleaning Walls, Windows, And Blinds

Office cleaning is not mopping the floor and making it sparkling. Other places need cleaning which has an impact. Those areas are the walls, windows, carpets, and blinds. When you start with this instead of the floor, you save a lot of time. If you take this up after dusting the floor, it calls for the extra effort of cleaning again. Get rid of the dirt and dust that frequently accumulate over time. If you don’t, then you might damage it. Also, changing these becomes a costly affair.

Move On To Dusting, Sweeping, And Vacuuming

Once you have the cleaning strategy in place, the next in the process is to get to work. That is getting to work on dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming. This is the usual way, but the method is different. While sweeping, the premises move from left to right. Do not go from room to room. Instead, go from one to another. Follow a standard pattern, which makes your cleaning process a cut above the rest.

commercial cleaning process

Use Disinfectant

After vacuuming and removing the dust and grime, the next commercial cleaning procedure is to mop and choose the right mopping tools, and the correct cleaning solution. That can improve the hygiene of the premises greatly. There are many disinfectants for commercial use; choose the ones that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Choosing a non-toxic disinfectant is essential as it prevents a pungent smell. It is safe for those who are allergic to such products. The commercial cleaning rate can still be reasonably priced when brought in bulk.

Clean High-Touch Points

High-touch points like the door knobs, switches, etc., are the most overlooked. It should be your top priority when cleaning. Usage of these is common, and hence sanitization becomes important. Some other places that need cleaning are; staircase railings, electronic gadgets, coffee dispenser buttons, elevator buttons, etc.

Know When To Hire A Professional

Even after following the above commercial cleaning process, do you still feel it needs improvement? If yes, then it is time to rethink your strategy. For instance, if there is a tough stain on the wall, it is visible. It can spoil the whole look. If you clean it further, you may end up spoiling the whole wall or spreading it further.

The above is one such instance of hiring a professional. There are many such cases where it makes sense to choose a professional cleaner. They come with specialized equipment and can get rid of these in no time. Worried about the commercial cleaning rate? It is much less than the cost of replacing something.

Why Hire Professional Cleaning Services?

Regular office cleaning does not guarantee proper cleaning. So that means you are not only wasting time but also money. But when you hire professional cleaning services, you save time as well as money. Most cleaning companies use proven cleaning products that ensure the space is hygienic.

Professionals use commercial cleaning equipment that is effective in getting rid of dust, grime, and dirt. Regular cleaning by professional cleaners can improve the lives of your office’s assets. Apart from regular comprehensive cleaning, you can opt for extra services. This can be cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, etc. to keep the office premises sparkling.

Another advantage of hiring cleaners is that they fit into your busy work schedule. There will be the least disruption to the employees because of this activity. Also, the commercial cleaning rate is reasonable. When in comparison to what it would cost when you hire more cleaners.

commercial cleaning process

How To Choose Commercial Cleaning Services

There are many commercial cleaning services available in Australia, making it difficult to choose. However, to find the best company that follows the process of commercial cleaning in Sydney, consider the below.

  • Get quotes from many companies in your area. They will visit your premises and give you a quote. Ask for the services they provide. Check the price if you need extra services. Determine what your space needs and what you enjoy hiring them. A good cleaning company will follow the process of commercial cleaning in Sydney.
  • Check if the cleaning company has insurance. Also, determining who is liable if the cleaner gets hurt. Having insurance proves the credibility of the company and shows they care for their workers.
  • Check the reputation of the company. Ask for references and the number of years of their existence. When all things are equal, go for a company that has more experience.
  • Before signing a contract, read it carefully. Most companies will want to sign a contract for a given amount of time. But, if you are unhappy with their service, you will want to back out. So read it carefully before signing.

Multi Cleaning is a cleaning company with great experience cleaning office spaces and other businesses. We follow the best commercial cleaning process. Contact us if you want to hire experienced cleaners who give nothing but the best.

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