How To Declutter Your Home?: Room-by-Room Methods

Declutter your home

Explore Some Useful Methods To Declutter Your Home

In today’s fast-paced life, it’s hard to maintain a well-organized living space that leads to clutter. It makes your home chaotic. So, you need to declutter your home to make it well organized and live a peaceful life. The best technique to declutter your home is to prioritize cluttered space. You should focus on one area at a time and complete it before you move to the next.

Make sure you have a house cleaning checklist before starting your task. In this post, we will discuss a comprehensive guide to help you declutter your home no matter how challenging it is. Our guide combines practical things related to how to declutter your home and the most effective decluttering methods tailored to match every condition.

Room-by-Room Methods of Declutter Your Home

You can remember decluttering is a transformative process that brings a great living space. By going through a room-by-room approach, you can easily systematically handle the clutter, making the task highly manageable. Most professional Sydney cleaners work with this approach. Now, let’s explore decluttering some of the key areas of your home.

Living room

1. Observe Furniture

You should observe the furniture in the living room and determine if each piece of furniture functions well. Make sure furniture serves its actual purpose – if not, it’s time to remove it from your living room.

2. Clear Surface

All you need is to keep the surface of your living space like coffee tables and side tables clear of those items that are unnecessary. You can decorate with a couple of several meaningful items to maintain an inviting and clean look.

3. Organize Media

You can now arrange various media items like DVDs, books, and other items. You can always sell or donate media products you no longer need actually.


1. Clothing Purge

You can organize your clothes by sorting them and donating those clothing items that you have not used for a long time. You can organize the remaining clothes by color and category.

2. Under-Bed Storage

You should always use the space under your bed for drawers or storage bins to keep several items such as seasonal clothes or shoes out of sight.

3. Nightstand Essentials

Make sure you keep your nightstand clutter-free by just reducing it to several necessary items such as books, lamps, or alarm clocks.


1. Clear Countertops

It’s essential to keep countertops clear of several unnecessary utensils and appliances. You should make storage of those items not frequently in drawers or cabinets.

2. Pantry Organization

You should check your pantry regularly and organize it in a good manner. You should take a couple of minutes to organize it. It’s advisable to discard all those items that you no longer require.

3. Handling of Junk Drawer

You should understand that every kitchen includes a junk drawer. All you need to do is take a couple of minutes to organize it and remove all those unnecessary items.

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1. Shoe Storage

You should always use a basket or shoe rack to keep your shoes fully organized near the entrance. It helps prevent clutter from spreading throughout your house.

2. Organize Key and Mail

It’s advisable to designate specific areas for incoming mail and keys. The next crucial thing you need to take into account is the wall-mounted organizer to a small table for keeping these items in check.


1. Hooks and Shelves

It’s necessary to install shelves and hooks for organizing bags, coats, bags, and accessories. It’s a good idea to assign your family members their designated space.

2. Shoe Cubbies or Racks

You should always check muddy shoes with the designated storage solutions like racks or cubbies. It works well when it comes to preventing dirt from spreading into the rest areas of the house.

how to declutter your home


1. Decluttering Furniture

You can choose minimalist furniture to ignore overcrowding the space, especially if your foyer is small. You can keep a small bench or table.

2. Seasonal Rotation

You should always keep various seasonal items like coats and accessories fully organized and also rotate them based on the time of year. You should store those out-of-season items in a storage area.


1. Clean Medicine Cabinets

It’s essential to clean those expired medicines and toiletries. You need to keep only those items that are necessary in the medicine cabinet for easy access.

2. Drawer Dividers

You can use only dividers for keeping toiletries, makeup, and accessories organized. It prevents several items from getting mixed.

3. Towel and Linen Control

You can always keep your linens and towels stored and folded. It’s crucial to recycle or donate old or worn-out items.

Where to Dispose of Clutter

Disposing of clutter is a highly responsible task, which most people find challenging. The process involves removing items and ensuring disposal is done in an environment-friendly way by following several rules and regulations.

One of the best options to manage clutter is to go for the recycling option. You can sort items for recycling that can significantly minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, promoting a sustainable approach to disposal. You can go for charity to those items that you no longer require. It’s advisable to opt for local charities, community organizations, and thrift stores.

To dispose of electronic waste, you can consider special options for those potentially harmful components. You will come across the majority of communities designated drop-off locations for e-waste, where you can find the option to recycle various items like mobile phones, computers, and many other electronic devices.

You can even approach local waste management facilities to dispose of hazardous materials like paints, household cleaners, and batteries. It’s advisable to check with waste management agencies or local authorities for complete guidance on the disposal of hazardous material to ensure compliance with regulations. If you have large items like appliances and furniture, you can approach municipalities. You will come across certain municipalities that provide a bulk waste pickup service. You will get the flexibility to schedule a pickup or drop-off at several designated locations.


Decluttering a home without a proper plan can be a stringent task, and you can’t handle it properly. The above guide will help you do your task effortlessly and in less time. If you need professional house cleaning services in Sydney, you can approach Multi Cleaning. They are a reputed cleaning service provider and can handle the task efficiently.

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