Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Dirty places in your home

Explore Some Most Dirtiest Places In Your Homes

While cleaning their home, people put hard effort into cleaning all areas. But, they often ignore some spaces; especially those that are hard to reach. It’s not easy to reach every nook and corner of the home to clean. If you often neglect these areas, they will become the breeding ground of germs and bacteria and spread diseases that can make you unhealthy.

The bathroom is indeed one of the areas that can become dirty and heaven for harmful bacteria. Apart from the bathroom, some other places can be the dirtiest and spread diseases. So, you can go for deep house cleaning to get the desirable results. Let’s explore all those dirtiest areas in your home and pay special attention to cleaning them.

Some Common Dirtiest Places In Homes

1. Kitchen Appliances

Our kitchen accommodates various appliances we use for cooking or storage of food. We use kitchen appliances regularly in the course of preparing food. So, they can become dirty. For instance, we use refrigerators for food storage. During storage, food spills, drip, etc. accumulate with time. It leads to the growth of bacteria.

So, you can focus on cleaning the exterior and interior of your refrigerator daily. For cleaning, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to experience better results. Apart from the refrigerator, you can also pay attention to cleaning other kitchen appliances like the microwave, grinder, etc.

2. Knobs, Handles, Switches

We often touch handles, knobs, switches, etc., more frequently. So, these frequently touched items become hotspots for bacteria. You can always disinfect these surfaces regularly, especially during flu season.

3. Restroom

As already mentioned, the bathroom is the place for germs and bacteria. But, when we clean our bathroom, we often ignore cleaning toothbrush holders. You can understand toothbrush holders tend to collect more dust. It’s necessary to clean these items regularly to make your bathroom a more hygienic place.

4. Laundry

We use a washing machine to clean our clothes. But, you can also keep in mind it can harbor mold and bacteria too. Front-loading washing machines are especially prone to accumulating the growth of mold in the detergent dispenser and rubber gasket. You can disinfect these areas regularly to prevent the buildup of germs.

5. Living Rooms

Living rooms are the place where we welcome and accommodate our guests. We also gather with our families to have a good time. Due to gathering, the living room can be one of the dirtiest places in the house.

We often ignore the TV remote while cleaning our homes. You need to know that remote nurtures more germs and bacteria. Therefore, if you want to clean your living room properly, you should never ignore disinfecting the remote and other commonly touched items in your living room.

Apart from frequently touched items, upholstery items like sofa chairs collect dust particles, food crumbs, pet dander, etc. So, you can use steam cleaning and vacuuming to clean upholstery to minimize allergens and maintain a healthy living space.

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6. Electronics

In today’s time, it’s not possible to live without electronic items. Be it laptops, smartphones, or tablets, these electronic items are available in every home. You need to know these items frequently come into contact with our hands, which makes them potential breeding grounds for germs.

To get a perfect result, you should always clean your electronic devices with disinfecting or wiping them using a microfiber cloth. You can use a cleaning solution to minimize the spread of germs.

7. Garbage

The garbage bin is indeed a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Still, most people avoid it when it comes to regular cleaning. You need to keep your garbage clean and make it odor-free. Make sure you empty your trash bins regularly. Apart from this, you can also clean the interior of the garbage bin with disinfectant when you change your bag.

8. Stair Railing

Stair railings are one of the places in our home that we touch more frequently. Our family members touch it frequently. But, we often forget to clean it. Professional house cleaning in Sydney will cover all the areas in the home. If you leave it unclean for a longer time, it can harbor germs and bacteria. And when you touch the railing with your bare hands, it transmits bacteria and thus makes you ill.

You need to wipe down stair railings properly with the use of disinfectant. It helps you prevent the spread of germs and bacteria within your home.

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9. Mattress

Mattress provides you with much comfort by offering you a soothing experience. Still, it’s one of the neglected items in any home to clean. It’s the reason why a mattress accumulates dirt, dust, dead skin cells, sweat, and other allergens.

So, if you wish to keep your mattresses clean and hygienic, you should always use a mattress protector. It’s also advisable to clean your bed linens daily. You can vacuum your mattresses to clean them properly.

10. Carpets And Rugs

Carpet and rugs offer comfort. Besides, it also improves the beauty of your living place. These places attract allergens, dust, and germs. So, you need to perform regular vacuuming.

However, it’s not enough to truly clean them. You can approach professional cleaners for deep cleaning and sanitizing your carpet to remove dirt and allergies.

11. Walls

We always pay attention to cleaning surfaces while cleaning our homes. But, you can understand it, walls can also become the dirtiest place in your home. They can be heaven for germs and bacteria.

We often touch walls with dirty hands, which is another reason why our walls become dirty. And quite often even food splatters can leave behind residue on walls. The walls of kid’s play areas and their bedrooms are prone to become dirty. You can wipe down the wall gently with mild detergent solutions to keep it clean.

12. Pet Toys

Are you a pet owner? If yes, you should be aware that pet toys tend to be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Be it cats, or dogs, they often chew their toys. And this is the actual reason why their toys become a breeding ground for bacteria.

So, all you need to do is wash your pet toys regularly. You can clean it to maintain proper hygiene in your home.


Any home cleaning task is incomplete without cleaning these often neglected areas in your home. You can follow the above house cleaning tips to get fantastic results. If you have enough budget to spend on cleaning, you can go for the best cleaning services in Sydney. Multi Cleaning is the best company that you can approach to get the most satisfactory solutions.

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