Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of cleaning service.

General Questions

How do I find out if I require a professional cleaning company for my requirements?

Well, it depends upon the scale of your business, the size of your premises, and the time you can spend on it doing yourself. But we at Multi Cleaning would advise you to ideally take this additional to-do off your list and give yourself more room to focus on your core business.

How are your cleaning charges priced?

We offer customized pricing on all our packages. We don’t believe in one size fits all. After a thorough assessment of your premises, we’ll give you an exact quotation on what you’ll be charged beforehand. No additional taxes or indirect charges will be added once we fix a contract.

Do I have to provide the supplies for cleaning?

Absolutely not. We come as a complete package and we bring all the necessary supplies and equipment that are needed to transform your premises inside out.

What are the areas that you serve?

We cover the entire length and width of Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. We are also ready to accommodate the areas outside these grids if you have a requirement. You can get in touch with us at 02 9188 5449 to see if we cover your area.

Do I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the cleaning?

Unlike other companies, we don’t charge you with any upfront advance or payments. We only charge you after we are done delivering our promises to you. If in case you are not satisfied with our work, you can get in touch with the dedicated account manager that we have assigned to you and let us know your grievances and we’ll rectify the same immediately!

Scheduling Questions

Do I get the same cleaner every time I have a recurring requirement?

Most of our clients have built an individual rapport with our commercial cleaners ever since their first time receiving our services. We mostly try our best to send the same cleaners to you and if in case we are not able to accommodate your requests, we’ll make alternative arrangements or reschedule your appointment accordingly.

Will you arrive on time?

Our diligent working pattern has been lauded and appreciated by all our clients time and again. We are extremely hell-bent on being punctual and we’ll try our best to be on time. In cases of unexpected delays, we’ll let you know prior so you can plan around accordingly.

How early can I book my next appointment?

We offer same-day booking on days where things are not too hectic. We’ll prioritize your demands and give you the next immediate slot that is available.

What if I have to reschedule/cancel my appointment?

We understand that unexpected changes in the schedules are bound to happen. We wouldn’t make it a fuss if you have to cancel or shift your appointments to different slots. Although, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could let us know any changes that you want to make regarding your appointment at least a day before.

Can I avail post-work hours cleaning appointment?

We understand that disturbing your everyday might be the last thing you want to do and hence we are available 24×7 on all days of the week. We can send our cleaners your way at your convenient time.

Cleaning Questions

Do you cover the windows as a part of my commercial cleaning requirements?

We take up a lot of add-on cleaning services including your carpets and windows. In addition to this, we also take up additional impromptu requests that you might have after we start your commercial space. If we can’t cover it on the same day, we’ll come back equipped for that particular job the very next day and do it for you.

What is your general cleaning strategy?

Covering all your corners is what our strategy is based upon. We’ll customize a thorough checklist that might cover your entire region of yours without any compromise.

Do you follow any standard protocols or methods?

We strictly adhere to authoritative guidelines from global bodies like OSHA and CDC in everything we do. This is to ensure proper quality outcomes in all that we do.

How about the supplies you use?

We offer 100% green cleaning services and hence we stick to the usage of organic non-toxic supplies, be it any requirement that you might have.

Should I move my things around before you arrive?

Not necessarily. Our cleaners will take care of the de-cluttering and reorganizing as a part of the cleaning contract that you sign with us.

Contract Questions

Do you have any restrictions with regards to cleaning?

Absolutely not. We’ll cover all kinds of requirements that you might be having. In cases of any add-on requirements that you might want to get done while we are at your premise, we might charge you a bit extra that justifies the additional work involved.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are. We want to take complete accountability in everything we do for you. In cases of any unexpected damage to your property or injury to our cleaners, we’ll take care of the replacement and compensation all by ourselves.

Are your cleaners background checked?

Every single one of our cleaners is onboarded after a detailed screening process. They are also police-verified prior to helping you get rid of all your worries.

How can I get a free quote?

You can get a free quote for all that you are looking for by simply contacting us at 0291885449. We’ll send our personnel to your space for analyzing your requirement and giving you an exact quote on what you’ll be charged before you hire us!

Do I have to pay an advance?

No, you can pay us in full after we are done with our job. Simply get on a contract with us agreeing to our retainer now and pay us only after you witness the transformation that we make happen for you.

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