What Is The Frequency Of Cleaning?

Frequency of cleaning

Frequency Of Cleaning

When it comes to the frequency of cleaning, it’s a task that indicates the regularity of cleaning you maintain. It’s one of the aspects of maintaining hygiene in your home and offices. When it comes to the frequency of cleaning, it depends on numerous crucial factors that include the volume of traffic, space type, specific cleaning tasks, and more.

You can perform cleaning frequently, especially for restrooms, lobbies, and more. In the same way, cleaning tasks such as dusting and vacuuming, on the other hand, need to be done every week. All you need to do is to understand the right frequency of cleaning for different premises, which is necessary for maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

You can make a consistent cleaning schedule to help prevent germs and bacteria, which reduces the risk of illness. It works effectively to maintain a clean space.

The Frequency Of Cleaning Includes

Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning includes various aspects, which are as follows.

  • Dusting floor
  • Dusting windows and walls and cleaning the frame of the window. It’s necessary to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Vacuuming is essential for both carpets and floors
  • Toilet cleaning is necessary. You need to focus on mopping the floor and wiping off toilet seats and urinals. Besides, you should also focus on cleaning various high-touch prone surfaces such as door handles, faucets, flush, and more. You should use disinfectant as well.
  • You should also focus on cleaning various furniture items and seating arrangements, apart from floors. It’s necessary to make a good impression.
  • For daily cleaning, you should also include tasks such as proper disposal of garbage, removing trash, changing liners, and many more.

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Weekly cleaning

For weekly cleaning, you should focus on those parts of the floor covered with carpets and you often missed cleaning them. You can clean the spot. If you don’t focus on cleaning it or make unnecessary delays, it makes the accumulation of dust particles inevitable. These dust particles fly every time and can make you ill.

In the current pandemic situation, surface cleanliness is not enough, but you should do much more than that. If you have commercial space accommodating high foot traffic, you should perform disinfection every week too. You should not only disinfect the floor, but many touch-points, including switchboards, elevator buttons, door handles, food lounges, reception area cleaning, and many more. For weekly cleaning, you should also include washing off the trash and sanitizing the timeframe.

Bi-weekly cleaning

If you run a manufacturing company, it’s crucial to keep your equipment clean and in good working condition. Bi-weekly degreasing of your machinery can prevent the buildup of hardened grease and oil, which can be difficult to remove later. Additionally, scrubbing your floors bi-weekly basis can help maintain a clean and safe working environment for your employees. If you wait too long to clean, you may need to hire a commercial cleaning company, which could take longer and cost more.

What is the frequency of cleaning

For medical centres, bi-weekly deep cleaning routines are crucial for complete sanitization and disinfection. It is also an excellent time to perform terminal cleaning routines, which help break the chain of infections by providing end-to-end disinfection coverage. By doing this regularly, you can maintain a hygienic environment for your patients and staff.

Monthly cleaning

Monthly cleaning includes everything be it inside or outside cleaning. It’s good to approach professional cleaning services, especially if you live in a sensitive space. You clean the outer side of your window once every month. Besides, you should also wash and scrub your walls by putting a hard effort in every month. You should wash rugs and carpets where many people come and go every month.


So, after going through the above discussion, you may now have a clear idea about the frequency of cleaning daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. You can’t set the same frequency of cleaning for every space. Rather then, you should set it based on the volume of occupants. To get the best cleaning results, you should always hire Multi Cleaning.

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