What Is The Frequency Of Commercial Cleaning?

Frequency of commercial cleaning

Know What should be the Frequency of Commercial Cleaning

No matter what type of commercial space you own, you should focus on its cleaning to make it a hygienic and healthy place to stay and work. One-time cleaning or irregular cleaning routine will not help you make your premises clean. The only way to keep your commercial space neat and clean is to maintain a proper frequency of commercial cleaning. If you follow the frequency of commercial cleaning, it helps you improve the aesthetic appearance of your space. Besides, it also ensures the well-being and safety of your employees.

In this blog, we will discuss the frequency of commercial cleaning you can maintain on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Frequency of Commercial Cleaning you can Maintain

Let’s go through the frequency of commercial cleaning that professional commercial cleaners always suggest to you.

Daily Commercial Cleaning

Daily cleaning is necessary to maintain a clean workplace with a pleasing atmosphere. It’s much more than just removing dirt and debris. Daily cleaning helps you create an enchanting environment where your staff can feel relaxed and experience comfort. Let’s explore here details of daily cleaning frequency.

Surface Sanitization

Surface sanitization is essential for different surfaces like Doorknobs, Elevator buttons, and Shared equipment. You can keep in mind that these high-touch points accumulate germs and bacteria to a wider extent. Therefore, you can perform sanitization regularly at these touchpoints. It works effectively to minimize cross-contamination and also prevents better spread of disease.

Waste Management

You can empty trash bins regularly. It helps you prevent the accumulation of waste but also removes the actual sources of odor. You can make your workspace order-free and clean and thus make an active contribution to make it more pleasant and also focus on the work environment.

Restroom Maintenance

You can perform regular checks and clean your restrooms to make sure they remain fully hygienic and pleasant.

Control Clutter

It’s advisable to promote the cleaning culture among your employees. It helps you clean up the workstations at the end of the day to improve the sense of responsibility. You can make the workspace clutter-free to reduce distractions and also improve efficiency. You can also stock up on various essentials like soap, paper, hand sanitisers, etc. These are something that commercial cleaning services always suggest to you.

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Weekly Commercial Cleaning

Weekly cleaning frequency involves paying attention to those areas for cleaning that you don’t need to clean regularly. You can always work with a comprehensive approach that helps you tackle these areas better by removing dirt and dust.

Clean Windows and Glass

When you clean windows and glass, it enables natural light to enter inside and thus create a pleasurable and outstanding atmosphere. All you need to do is remove smudge every week and thus enhance the aesthetic appearance of your workplace.

Floor Caring

The level of floor caring is something that always depends on the amount of foot traffic that your floor gets. You should determine the amount of dirt, dust, stains, etc. your floor accumulates. It helps you plan floor care properly. It’s necessary to perform mopping or vacuuming sessions regularly to keep them looking polished. It also improves their lifespan.

Dusting and Wiping

Dusting and wiping are crucial parts of weekly cleaning. You should perform dusting and wiping for shelves, desks, and various other surfaces that accumulate dust to a wider extent. It helps you maintain a professional look of your premises while reducing allergies, which tend to affect employees’ health.

Maintaining Air Quality

No matter what, maintaining good air quality is essential at least once a week. One should check filters and air vents that can contribute directly to healthy indoor air quality. You can also clean air vents to enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system and ensure employees inhale clean air.

Commercial cleaning frequency

Monthly Commercial Cleaning

Apart from daily and weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning is also necessary. In monthly cleaning, you should focus on cleaning those items you don’t need to clean daily or monthly. Monthly cleaning is vital for an immaculate workspace. Let’s take a detailed look at monthly cleaning frequency.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the crucial items that you use anywhere, be it at home or commercial space. The same goes for upholstered furniture. But, both tend to attract allergens, dirt, and odors. Monthly cleaning helps remove deep-seated grime and also tends to refresh the overall appearance and feel of your space.

Cleaning Appliances

Appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, etc., are common for any commercial space. Therefore, you can clean these appliances at least once a month. In case you notice the buildup of bacteria, you can sanitize the surface regularly. If you clean it monthly, it ensures that items remain clean and hygienic.


If you follow monthly cleaning frequency, it helps you declutter different areas such as storage rooms, shared spaces, etc. It helps your organization get rid of dangerous items.

Neglected Areas

Some areas are not easy to reach. So, it’s tough to clean these areas daily or even weekly. But, you should not forget to clean areas like ceiling fans, neglected corners, light fixtures, etc. at least once a week as these can accumulate cobwebs and dirt. If you maintain a monthly cleaning frequency for these areas and various other items, it makes your workspace clean and looks great.


You can understand that cleaning is a consistent effort to make your space free from germs and bacteria. Besides, you can also keep in mind each level of cleaning is essential and has its importance. So, always hire a cleaning company like Multi Cleaning for industrial cleaning and get a fantastic result.

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