How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

gutter cleaning cost

Know Everything About Gutter Cleaning Cost

Cleaning the gutters on your own is a cost-saving and uncomplicated project. However, it is more complex. Gutters easily get closed up with debris, bird nests, dirt, leaves, and other residues. Thus, regular gutter cleaning by professionals is vital for protection against severe water damage. Now the question is what will be the gutter cleaning cost by experts and which factors might influence this cost.

What Is The Actual Meaning Of Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter cleaning is an essential segment of maintenance. Clogged gutters are one of the most common problems that everyone faces on the property. With time, gutters fill with dirt and other debris that makes it impossible for the water to pass. The more the gutters are clogged up, the more it will cause damage to the roof.

With more debris and dirt, the gutter becomes heavier and moves away from the fascia boards or roofline. Eventually, the entire gutter rips out from the roof altogether, destroying both the roofing materials and gutters. So, gutter cleaning is essential, and need a professional company for commercial cleaning in Sydney to do this type of complicated job. They provide the following types of gutter cleaning services:

  • Checking for damaged tiles and clearing the roof
  • Installing the gutter guards
  • Repairing the roofs
  • Flushing out the downpipes
  • Removing and disposing of the debris in the gutter
  • Cleaning the ceiling cavity
  • Birdproof guttering, if necessary

Average Gutter Cleaning Cost In Sydney

The average gutter cleaning cost depends on various factors. You might have to pay anywhere between $100 and $600 for a specialized gutter cleaning. A company quotes for the gutter cleaning project considering the total job they have to do. It might cost $4 to $7 for every meter or $200 to $250 for each hour. This price varies because what might start like a simple gutter cleaning might end up with maintenance and roof repair.

The average cost of gutter cleaning will also vary depending on the state or territory, where you live. Here is a standard price list statewide mentioned below.

However, you might have to pay an additional $250 to $600 if you have gutter guards.

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Factors That Affect The Gutter Cleaning Cost

Several factors affect the gutter cleaning prices of a professional company. Some of them are:

Roof Size And Gutter Length

The most common factor that influences the gutter cleaning charges is the roof size and gutter length. A giant property with several gutters to clean will be much more expensive compared to a small house. Also, gutter cleaning of 2 two-story buildings costs more compared to a single-story story because of additional safety concerns and various equipment necessary. In case the property is taller than a 2-story building, cleaning might need scissor lifts and other protective gear. It will also increase the price.

Project Scope

A gutter cleaning company with high expertise will also consider the overall project scope while offering you gutter cleaning packages. They will estimate the labor cost involved, time to complete the job, any unforeseen difficulties, and other aspects as well. The project might appear like a simple gutter cleaning job at first. But later, it might expand to overhanging branches trimming and pruning, gutter guard removal or installation, comprehensive inspection of gutter and roofing, or any other repairs related to roofing or gutter.

gutter cleaning prices

Job Site Access

The team for commercial gutter cleaning in Sydney should be easily able to access the job site. If the property is present too close to another building or against a slope, then the price will increase.

Debris To Be cleared

The more debris to be cleared in a building, the more will be the gutter cleaning charges. A gutter packed with compressed debris and dirt is more difficult to clean compared to a gutter clocked with bigger or looser debris. It is because of the increased cleaning time and labor efforts. You can avoid severe debris build-up by doing regular cleaning at least 4 times a year to prevent any damage to the property.

Job Safety

Gutter cleaning itself is a dangerous job, but some specific scenarios make it even more difficult. High-pitched roofs are highly dangerous for cleaning compared to flat roofs. Corrugated roofing will include soft spots that the cleaner might fall through. The cleaning team will require additional scaffolding or a bucket truck to accomplish these types of projects. It will add up with the charges for these house cleaning services. Depending on the roof condition and the time of the year you will be cleaning the house, the prices also vary. However, hiring house cleaners is essential for gutter cleaning.

Gutter Guards

The cleaning team has to remove the gutter guards before starting the job. It means they have to remove the guards, do the gutter cleaning and again install them back after finishing. Though gutter guards prevent the gutter from clogging due to debris and dirt, removing and installing them again will add up to the final bill.

Last Time Cleaned

Regularly cleaning your gutter can save you more money every time. It is because with a professional gutter cleaning company maintaining your roof, there will be less debris. Thus, each gutter cleaning session will cost less, take less time, and save you more money in the long term.


Gutter cleaning by you can be dangerous and needs a professional cleaning company who are properly acquainted with safety protocols for the job. An expert company like Multi Cleaning is highly trained to notice all the defects in the roof while cleaning the gutters. They will also install the gutter guards if you have yet to have them before. Thus, by spending little on gutter cleaning, your roof will be in good shape.

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