Hospital Cleaning Checklist

hospital cleaning checklist

What Is A Hospital Cleaning Checklist?

A basic checklist is a tool with a set of varied tasks and activities that needs to be completed in a set way. A hospital is a place where people are treated for their ailments and diseases. Hence, a hospital cleaning checklist is a very important tool to keep the premises inside and outside spic and span.

The checklist ensures your day-to-day, weekly, and monthly hospital cleaning happens on time. The hospital cleaning checklist also tracks the cleaning progress and helps meet targets without affecting the quality of cleaning. As all the steps are perfectly laid down in the checklist, the hospital cleaning process becomes simple and easy.

A general hospital cleaning is to maintain cleanliness in the general areas where the general public apart from the patients moves around. Also, hospital cleaning services involve the maintenance of cleanliness in areas where patients are admitted, and patient care activities are done.

The Areas Within The Hospital That Needs To Be Maintained Are:

  • Testing laboratories
  • Operation theatres
  • Intensive care wards
  • Patient admission rooms
  • Patient testing areas
  • The common areas inside where people move around
  • Emergency care centres in the hospital

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What Is Included In The Hospital Cleaning Checklist?

Hospital cleaning is different from regular cleaning. Care needs to be taken in a way that the cleaners are appropriately dressed while cleaning. Professional cleaners in Sydney should be provided with masks, gloves, aprons, caps, disposable shoe covers, and necessary cleaning equipment for sweeping mopping, etc.

Some of the hospital cleaning checklists:

  • Proper instructions to be given to cleaners in preparing the cleaning solutions
  • Clearing the unwanted waste before cleaning
  • Moving the hospital furniture and cleaning as per the supervisor’s instructions
  • Cleaning equipment is to be kept handy before entering the places to clean
  • Cleaning to be started from least soiled to more soiled areas
  • Safe handling and disposal of dangerous hospital equipment
  • Cleaning the furniture with safe solutions
  • Clearing of waste to be done effectively
  • Cleaning is to be done without disturbing the health of patients
  • Using safe cleaning equipment
  • Regular and deep cleaning

hospital cleaning checklists

Factors To Be Considered Before Hospital Cleaning Checklist Preparation

When a patient enters a clean hospital with a friendly environment, confidence in improving his/her health will increase. Before preparing a hospital cleaning checklist, a few pre-preparations must be done including:

  • A pre-scan of the hospital as to what needs to be cleaned
  • The amount of waste and clutter present around and within the hospital
  • Planning proper ways of hospital cleaning
  • Time and days to do regular and deep clean
  • Handling emergency cleaning situations
  • Planning of actions and precautions taken by the cleaners
  • Places to dispose of the clutter
  • Planning ways to clean that will not disturb the patients
  • Plan the number of staff required to clean and supervise
  • List the type of equipment and cleaning solutions required
  • Proper directions for cleaning
  • Instructions to be followed for cleaners
  • The cleaning methods for bathrooms and toilets
  • The drying process and equipment to be listed

Different Types Of Hospital Cleaning Checklist

Be it big or small-run hospitals, it is important to have hospital cleaning checklists ready that list the cleaning protocols to be followed by the cleaners. The medical cleaning checklist helps in effective cleaning that keeps the hospital premises free of infections and viruses. The checklist should include all the necessary places to be cleaned and here are the types of checklists for each place in a hospital:


  • Intense cleaning of the toilets and washbasins
  • Disinfectant products to be used after cleaning
  • Proper wiping of doors, knobs, taps, and showers
  • Cleaning of wall surfaces
  • Wash, wipe and keep the bathroom surfaces dry
  • Dustbins should be emptied and lined with fresh covers
  • All the items like soap, dispensers, paper towels, etc. should be refilled instantly


  • The cafeteria should be spic and span with no food odour or food particles on the floor
  • Surfaces need regular wiping and sanitization.
  • Cooking utensils and crockeries should be ultra-clean
  • Cooking material should be stored hygienically in closed containers
  • Stove tops and cooking surfaces should be cleaned after each food preparation
  • Countertops, cutting surfaces, and food-preparing surfaces should be cleaned and sterilized
  • The backsplash should be clean
  • The dining room and tables should be cleaned after any person uses it

Patient rooms

  • Patient rooms must be extra clean to avoid attracting any infection
  • Beds and furniture should be cleaned every day
  • Beds should be replaced with new sheets and pillow covers every day
  • Fresh towels should be provided each day
  • Floors should be cleaned and sanitized
  • Windows and doors need everyday cleaning

hospital cleaning checklist

Testing rooms

  • All the surfaces should be dusted and wiped every day
  • Testing equipment should be cleaned and sterilized daily
  • Monitors, machines, etc should be cleaned every day
  • Wall surfaces should be well-maintained
  • Sweep and mop the floor every day
  • All the stocks should be ready to use every day
  • Hand sanitisers are a must in the testing rooms

Why Is The Hospital Cleaning Checklist Important?

Hospital cleaning is important to prevent the growth of germs, viruses, and infections.

A hospital is a highly prone area where patients are vulnerable to contagious infections, hence the hospital cleaners play a vital role in keeping the place clean and free from things that attract illness.

In the hospital, cleaners are well-trained to follow the cleaning guidelines and protocols for disinfecting the hospital as per the standard norms.

A medical cleaning checklist is important:

  • Organize a proper cleaning routine
  • Maintain the quality and efficiency of cleaning
  • Prepare and assign work to each of the cleaners
  • Checking on the cleaners
  • To enhance the productivity of the cleaning team
  • Minimizes the risk of doing the task wrong
  • Saves time in each work as the task is assigned equally to all

Get A Well-structured Hospital Cleaning Checklist

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