House Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

House cleaning do's and don'ts

Explore The Different House Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

Cleaning the house is a dreary task for most of us as we need to learn about the house cleaning do’s and don’ts to follow. We wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth whenever dust settles on them and that’s it. But this is incorrect. There should always be a right approach to house cleaning as it will make the entire process easier.

People generally take the hygiene of their house for granted as everyone thinks they can mop and wipe like a professional. But making the entire house spotless and dirt-free is more complex. The wrong method can jeopardize precious belongings and harm the health of the family members. Thus, if you want to delve into the job of the correct way of house cleaning in Sydney, this article is the best one for you.

Lists of House Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

House cleaning is not a job that can be done rapidly, or you can take shortcuts to accomplish it. Thus, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that you should follow to make your house clean and get some free time for yourself.

Living Room

Since the living room is one of the most dirtiest places in your home, you need to clean it frequently. You should ensure that there are no wires or electric cables strewn around as it can be a health hazard to you. So, organize the cables first and clean the room to avoid any confusion.

Use only a little cleaning product on a large or tough stain. Too much cleaning product usage might damage the walls or floors. You have to use several cleaning equipment and tools to make the living room clean and tidy. But do not immediately keep them inside the closet after using them. It will ensure no grime or dirt is sticking to the tools.

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Electronic Items

The first house cleaning do’s for electronic items is to check their user manual. After that, remove the batteries or unplug the electronic device before beginning the cleaning. Wipe the plastic segments and the screen with a damp microfiber cloth. For cleaning the screen edges and crevices, use a cotton swab. Vacuum and clean the keyboards of the laptops and computers.

Do not use any water or cleaning solution directly on the electronic device. Also, never apply any cleaning solution containing alcohol on the screens, as alcohol can damage its anti-reflective coating.


Another bedroom house cleaning do’s in this list includes clearing out the nightstand each morning. Keep all the things in the nightstand to their designated places. Designate a specific day for washing the bed sheets. Clean sheets will reduce the bacteria and the allergens, which is also healthy for you. Schedule a deep cleaning routine like cleaning and washing the curtains, changing the pillows, and dusting the furniture.

The biggest house cleaning don’ts for bedroom is never to leave your bed unmade. Avoid making a pile of worn-out clothes on the floor. Prepare a designated place and wash them regularly. Do not convert your bedroom into a storage space. Carry out decluttering sessions once every week.

Do's and Don'ts of house cleaningRestroom

Restrooms get dirty easily, so it is necessary to clean them with a professional cleaning company at least once a week. Pour a cleaning solution inside the toilet bowl and scrub it with a brush. It will sanitize the toilet and prevent any buildup.

Always clean the toilets. It will prevent the formation of harmful bacteria and mold growth. Do not use any toilet tank tablet which is blue as it is corroding in nature. These tablets are harmful to the tank and can also impact any vital parts like handles due to corrosion.

High Touch Points

The high touching points in all rooms include doorknobs, drawer pulls, light switches, and handrails. Since our hands transfer the germs the most, it is necessary to disinfect these points. You can wipe the surfaces with disinfectant wipes at least once every day to take care of these points.

Try to wash your hands just after entering the home so that it can prevent them from transferring to the high touch points.

Carpets And Windows

Hoover the carpet before starting the cleaning process to eliminate any loose debris or dirt. Spray the dirty area on the carpet with a cleaning solution and then brush. For coffee or tea stain remover, apply a targeted cleaning solution only.

Do not soak the carpet with a cleaning solution, as it will set the dirt or the stain even more. Wait to place the wooden furniture right after cleaning the carpet. It can cause the metal feet to go rusty and stain the carpet.

According to a professional company offering house cleaning services, it is essential to use the appropriate tools. Use lint-free microfiber cloths which are great water absorbent. Implement newspaper for lint and streak-free shine. Vinegar is the best cleaning solution for sparkling windows.

Do not use paper towels as they leave link traces on the windows. One of the best window cleaning tips is never implement a razor blade for removing the build-up like bird mess. It will ruin the window by scratching the surface. Never use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners that will leave behind any streaks. Do not keep the window sills and frames wet, as it can damage the wood.

Final Thoughts

So, this is all for the do’s and don’ts list for house cleaning. Keeping the entire house clean by yourself is not easy. You might like a professional cleaning company in Sydney  like Multi Cleaning to take care of the task on your behalf. The safety and health of the client are their priority.

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