How Long Does An End Of Lease Clean Take?

How long does an end of lease clean take

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Are you planning to move out of your rental home? If yes, end of lease cleaning is a significant step to make sure there is a smooth transition for your landlord and you. The primary purpose of this cleaning is to make sure the premises are in the same tidy condition as when you first moved into the house.

Cleaning after the end of the lease includes kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, and other segments. This type of cleaning includes jobs like cleaning the windows, carpet cleaning, scrubbing the walls, and upholstery cleaning. It will remove all your traces of living and make the property clean and ready for the next tenants to move in.

What Are The Factors Affecting The End Of Lease Cleaning Time?

Professionals can take 3 to 8 hours to clean after the end of the lease based on various factors. But if you want to know in detail the exact time to clean a house, then the below segment will answer all your queries.

It is significant to keep the property empty of personal belongings and make it ready for the company offering end of lease cleaning services in Sydney. The cleaning team can move some light furniture, but it is best to keep the rooms vacant. It is now time to check out the factors below that affect the time for end of lease cleaning.

Property Size

Property size matters as the bigger the house is, the more time it will take to clean. For example, a studio apartment might take only a few hours to clean compared to a house with 4 bedrooms.

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Dirt Level or Property Condition

The property condition or the level of dirt also influences the time to complete the lease-end cleaning. If you have well-maintained the property during your tenancy, then only basic cleaning will be enough. However, if it is in bad condition with a high amount of grime, damage, and dirt, then the property will need extensive cleaning with long hours to complete.

Cleaning Type Necessary

The cleaning type necessary for the house is another factor affecting the time for end of lease cleaning services in Sydney. A property might need deep cleanings like pest control or carpet cleaning, while others might require only bond cleaning involving the kitchen, bathroom, window, floor, or walls. Thus, the more services necessary for the property, the more time it will take.

time taken for bond cleaning

Supplies And Equipment Availability

The supplies and equipment availability of the company offering end of lease cleaning in Sydney also influences how long it will take to clean the property. If the professional team has the latest equipment, cleaning will be a matter of only a few hours.

Cleaning Company’s Experience

The experience of the end of lease cleaning company in Sydney also affects the time of making the property new like before. An experienced team that has already accomplished many lease-end cleanings before will complete the tasks more efficiently and within less time compared to a new company.

Other Factors

Other factors influence the total time for end-of-lease cleaning services. These involve the team members attending the property and their expertise for the job. Thus, the time for end of lease cleaning is dependent on the above factors.


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