How To Choose The Best Commercial Cleaning Company In Sydney?

How to choose the best commercial cleaning company in Sydney

The Qualities You Should Pay Attention To When Hiring Your Next Cleaning Company

This is something familiar in the service sector. The quality of the deliverables or the cost they charge you are not the only metrics that you should pay close attention to. But rather their moral values, the qualities they believed in, and the overall character they displayed. This matters very much in commercial cleaning because cleaning is a crucial task in itself and you can’t give in to any room for errors.

When you hire a cleaner, do a thorough background check about the company and ask for a detailed action plan before proceeding any further. Set the expectations straight during the initial sales touches and mutually fixate on what you want to do and how their expertise can meet your end goals.

Here Is A Guide On How To Choose Your Cleaning Company In Sydney

1. Shortlist Your Interest Based On Experience

Any player in the market backed by sufficient experience can be trusted to do a good job at your premises. The more experienced your cleaning company the better. Because cleaning routines are not fixed in nature, the cleaners ideally go about different areas by employing their expertise in handling niche procedures.

Let’s take the COVID-19 cleaning procedure for example. They were a lot of nitty-gritty involved since the procedure is sensitive and it needed thorough coverage of all the spots that are hard to reach. All these considerations will take the efficiency of your routine a level above and promise your premises crisp hygiene at all times.

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2. Portfolio Check

When you are interested in hiring a company, ask them for their portfolio and do your background research thereon. A detailed understanding of the work profile of the company that you are interested in hiring will give you a clear perspective on how they will suit your requirements.

For example, let’s say you are looking for someone to take care of your gym cleaning. If you find that they’ve worked with gyms in the past and find positive reviews from their clientele for the same, you can be sure that they’ll do justice to your demands as well.

3. Understanding Their Procedures And Working Style

No two companies clean the same way. The overall work style of big players like Multi Cleaning is a product of years of trial and error. The competency in the procedures chosen will be drastically different between someone experienced and a relatively new company.

For example, we only go with recognized procedures and protocols that are regulated by global bodies like OSHA and CDC. We also handpick our supplies and cleaning equipment for the added mark of quality. This might not be the same as our neighbours.

How to choose the best commercial cleaning company

4. Add-On Benefits

Several office cleaning companies offer exclusive benefits like green cleaning at no added cost, comprehensive third-party liability insurance along with workers’ compensation, and also bring all the supplies you need at no added cost. There are also other benefits like reduced costs for recurring packages or long-term clients. These may not be the same between the two companies and you should ask about all these during your initial set of conversations.

Someone like us will also go only with globally recognized green cleaning supplies that either carry a DfE label or an EPA approval for reinstating their quality and reliability. Green cleaning will not just reduce your carbon footprints as a business, but also make the air quality of the interiors endurable and prevent your employees from facing any escalations like allergies, rashes, or asthmatic triggers.

5. Quality of Work

The reason you’re going with a professional rather than hiring a resource or two of in-house janitors is because of the end-quality of the deliverables that a professional would be able to have a better go at.

A quick surf through the digital forums and common review platforms like the Yellow Pages will give you a thorough understanding of the next company that you are going to hire. The experience profile of the company will also give you a better outlook on where they stand in the market.

Also, talk to your peers from the same sector as you and ask them for recommendations. They’d have hired a cleaning company for one requirement or the other in the past and their word could be an added trust factor that you can have on the company you’re going to hire.

At Multi Cleaning, we take our client satisfaction seriously and we offer a 24-hour recleaning policy if you find any missed spots after our cleaners leave. Although, it’s a very rare case since our cleaners usually get it right on the first go.

6. Economic Pricing and Personalized Packages

Be firm about paying only for what you exact avail of. The companies that offer commercial cleaning usually have packages that might look attractive with different combinations on a surface level but might be an empty gimmick of no good when you see them in action.

Ask for personalized packages and a custom quotation prior. If possible, even ask for a detailed plan of action and a thorough commercial cleaning checklist of what they’ll cover for you before you hire them. Enquire about any possible discounts for long-term commercial cleaning packages.

Document all these conversations to avoid any back-and-forth.

Or better hire someone who will take complete accountability like us! Call us now to get a free quote now.

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