How To Clean A House Professionally?

How To Clean A House Professionally

Cleaning Your House In A Professional Way

House cleaning is one of the most fundamental chores. A clean space can help you maintain good health and peace of mind. Even though you would like to do it, the task, in general, is tiring and time-consuming when done the wrong way. Knowing how to clean a house professionally can be time and money-saving. Professional cleaning does not have to involve huge equipment, trained employees, or a high cost. Read on to find out how:

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Clean A House Professionally

A home can be made spot-free by following an organized pattern. However, an effective cleaning pattern does not have to end with a huge house cleaning cost. The following tips can ensure a thorough and affordable cleaning.

Draft a practical cleaning schedule

Begin by prioritizing the overall cleaning requirements if you want to professionally clean a house. You can postpone tasks like washing clothes and kitchen cleaning so that your cleaning schedule is simple. In most households, the kitchen is cleaned once after every meal, and kitchen counters are also washed frequently. Thus, cleaning the kitchen would not take more than a few minutes. If not, it is always best to dump unclean utensils into the dishwasher and dirty laundry into the washing machine.

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De-clutter and then clean

It is not wise to perform cleaning and clutter clearance together. It is best to clear the items cluttered around the house before cleaning the place to avoid losing focus and time during the actual cleaning. Supplies like sponges, cotton rags, old or worn-out clothes, microfiber cloths, bathroom cleaning liquids, furniture polish, glass cleaners, floor cleaners, mops, gloves, vacuum cleaners, dust mops, etc., are required for house cleaning in Sydney. Ensure that these supplies are at home before engaging in house cleaning to avoid running out to the convenience store in the middle of the task.

Prepare a checklist

Before professionally cleaning a house, list down the areas that require cleaning to avoid cleaning the same place over and over again and overlooking the other areas. Places like the insides of fridges and ovens, stoves, kitchen and medicine cabinets, books on bookshelves, light fixtures, etc., should be noticed or addressed. Ensure these areas are included in the overall cleaning list to render the spaces spot-free.

Professionally cleaning a houseBegin with the bathrooms

If you still need clarification about how to clean a house professionally, it is always advised to begin with the bathrooms in a house.

  • Get rid of everything from the bathtub and shower and apply your preferred bathroom cleaner to them.
  • Apply some cleaner to the walls and floor of the bathroom as well.
  • Let the cleaner rest for some time.
  • Remove the trash from the trash cans in the bathrooms.
  • Clean these surfaces again with a brush and water to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Clean the sinks and bathroom cabinets.
  • Polish the fixtures in the bathrooms.
  • Scrub the mirrors using an appropriate cleaner.
  • Clean the toilet bowls using a preferred toilet cleaner.

Replace the bedding with fresh covers and blankets

Choose clean and fresh pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets, quilts, and other required bedding materials. Visit every room in the house and remove the bedding materials that are currently in use. Gather these used bedding materials and put them in the laundry. Proceed with setting the beds using the bedding materials chosen. Next, dust the ceilings of the bedrooms using dust mops. Covering the newly made beds using sheets or regular paper is recommended to prevent dust from settling on these surfaces.

Dust the ceilings and clean walls by starting from the top

Move to dust the ceilings, door jambs, and room corners. Focus on cleaning one room at a time. While cleaning walls, begin from the top and move downwards. After dusting the entire space, vacuum the floors. Finally, mop the floors using an effective floor cleaner.


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