How To Clean Carpet Without Chemicals?

How to clean carpet without chemicals

Use The Best Technique To Clean Carpet Without Chemicals

Carpet is one of those items that invigorates the beauty of your home, apart from letting you keep your home fully clean and hygienic. It helps you keep your home environment vibrant and pleasurable. So, it’s necessary to keep your carpet clean and fresh to maintain cleanliness in your home. Though chemical-based carpet cleaning products effectively remove stains, they can harm your carpet. So, you should know how to clean a carpet without chemicals.

You should always avoid using chemical-based products for cleaning carpets. Instead, you can opt for eco-friendly cleaning products to clean the carpet to get the best result. In this post, we will discuss the way to clean carpets without chemicals. Explore Some Tips on How to Clean Carpets without Chemicals

1. Do Vacuuming On A Regular Basis

Regular Vacuuming is necessary for carpet cleaning. If you do it properly, it prevents you from using any chemicals for carpet cleaning. Vacuuming helps you remove dirt and stains effortlessly. It also prevents dirt from getting embedded deeply into the carpet fibres. You can use a top-quality vacuum cleaner that includes a rotating brush. You should ensure the vacuum you use moves in different directions for getting better cleaning results. If you want to clean high-traffic areas, you should vacuum at least two times a week.

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2. Use Vinegar To Remove Stains

Vinegar is one of the natural ingredients that can tackle carpet stains effectively. You can create carpet cleaning solutions by combining water and white vinegar in an equal ratio and then apply your solution to areas having stains, by using either sponge or a clean cloth. Never rub stains since it tends to damage or spread the carpet fibres. You can repeat this method until the stain vanishes. After this, you can rinse those areas with water.

3. Use Baking Soda

It’s another way you can clean the carpet without using chemical products. If we talk about baking soda, it’s an inexpensive and versatile product that is useful for removing bad smells from the carpet and making it fresh. You can use it by sprinkling the appropriate amount of baking soda over the carpet, which is necessary to cover the entire surface. After this, you can allow it to take a couple of hours to absorb odours. After doing it, you can vacuum the baking soda.

4. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a famous technique for deep carpet cleaning without deep cleaning. It uses a hot water technique to lose stains, dirt, and grime, which is extracted through a vacuum. You can hire cleaners in Sydney to get the desired outcomes. If you choose to rent a steam cleaner, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. You can always prioritize ventilation in the drying process.

5. Use Club Soda

One of the most well-known uses of club soda in carpet cleaning is its ability to help remove various types of stains. Whether it’s spilled coffee, red wine, or pet accidents, the effervescent properties of club soda can help lift the stain from carpet fibres. The carbonation helps loosen the stain particles, making them easier to blot or lift with a clean cloth.

Way to clean carpets without chemicals

6. Use Enzymatic Cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are types of cleaners that can break down organic stains. They use bacteria and enzymes to digest the organic matter, which removes the source of odour or stain. Enzymatic cleaners are effective for removing bad odours and pet stains.

7. Carpet Shampooing

If you want to go for the traditional approach, you can choose carpet shampooing even without any chemical-based products. You can always go for natural carpet shampoos or make them using Castile of liquid soap. After this, you can dilute soap with water by following the manufacturer’s instructions or create a homemade solution using soap per gallon of water or tablespoon. You can apply a solution to the carpet using a brush or sponge. You can wash it thoroughly with water.

8. Use Corn Starch

Corn starch emerges as a resourceful and eco-friendly solution for various cleaning and maintenance tasks. It makes an effective supporter in addressing greasy or oily stains on your carpet. Corn starch can be used as a deodorizing agent by sprinkling it liberally over the carpet, letting it sit for a period, and then vacuuming it up. It absorbs odours, leaving your carpet smelling fresher.


Carpet cleaning is tough and requires a lot of time and effort. But, you can do it most effectively by following the above tips. Multi Cleaning is a reputed brand specializing in carpet cleaning and promises to deliver mind-blowing results.

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