How To Clean Exterior Windows?

How to clean exterior window

Know The Best Way To Clean Exterior Windows

Window cleaning is necessary for various reasons such as improving the appearance of your home and letting the fresh air come inside. It also allows sunlight to filter through. So, you need to clean exterior windows properly to avoid the build of dirt and grime and thus ensure its longevity. To clean exterior windows, you can gather various necessary supplies like a squeegee, bucket, microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, etc.

Once you have all the necessary cleaning supplies, you can now start the process of cleaning exterior windows. To start the window cleaning task, you can first rinse it with water to remove debris and then use a perfect cleaning solution. We will discuss here how to clean exterior windows by explaining some tried and tested cleaning techniques. These will help you get the desired outcomes.

Techniques For Exterior Windows Cleaning

Now, it’s time to gather in-depth details of various window cleaning tips in-depth. You can go through it one by one to understand it properly.

Remove Window Treatments First

Before you start the task of exterior window cleaning, it’s necessary to complete all preparation works like removing various window treatments like

  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Shades

It’s a crucial step that helps you ensure unobstructed access to the entire window surface. Doing this helps you do a thorough exterior window cleaning process without any risk of damaging those items.

Use A Garden Hose

You can now start the exterior window cleaning process by implementing the convenience of a garden hose. You can use a hose to make an effective spray of water to rinse the window during the first phase of cleaning. It helps you remove dust, dirt, debris, etc., which quite often accumulate on your window surface.

You can choose a hose with a nozzle attachment that enables you to control the water flow. It offers sufficient pressure for cleaning windows even without causing any damage.

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Use Magnetic Cleaner

While exterior window cleaning, you will come across various challenges as well. One of these challenges includes reaching multi-story or upper floors of buildings. It’s advisable to use a magnetic window cleaner.

  • A magnetic cleaner is an innovative tool that includes two different magnetic halves.
  • One half is for the exterior and the other one is for the interior.

They attract each other with the help of glass. You can secure an exterior component to the window pane and also manoeuvre the interior half from inside the building. It brings the possibility of cleaning every side of the window simultaneously.

Use Brush In Soapy Water

You can prepare an effective cleaning solution with the combination of a specialized window cleaning solution or any mild dishwashing liquid with water in a bucket. After this, dip inside a soft-bristled brush into soapy water, which ensures it’s saturated properly. Once you do this task, you can scrub the window surfaces. It’s always advisable to focus on those areas with stubborn stains like bird droppings.

Best Techniques for Exteior window cleaning

Use A Household Mop

You can always use a household mop when it comes to cleaning larger windows or various expensive glass surfaces. It’s advisable to go for a household mop that consists of a microfiber cloth. It works as the most effective tool that helps you carry out the cleaning process in the most effective way. To use it, you can first wet the mop with the cleaning solution. Make sure it is soaked properly.

We are already familiar with the fact that microfiber cloth has absorbent properties. So, it helps you cover the broader area while letting you perform efficient cleaning. With this, you can address those of various extensive window areas with convenience.

Use A Two-Bucket System

The two-bucket system is quite essential when it comes to the prevention of contamination and optimizing cleaning efficacy.

  • One bucket for holding a complete cleaning solution
  • Another one is for washing of your cleaning tools.

Once you apply the soapy solution properly to windows to remove dirt, you can wash cleaning equipment in the second bucket. It’s a systematic approach that gives you a kind of surety that you work with clean and the most effective cleaning tools throughout the process.

Clean Windows From Top To Bottom

If you want to clean various windows, you can follow the top-to-bottom cleaning sequence to minimize the likelihood of recontamination. When you begin with the highest point and then work downwards progressively, you can prevent dirty water and cleaning residues from dipping into areas that have been cleaned properly. It also helps you maintain the integrity of your effort and then minimize the necessity for rework.

Scrub Windows

You can focus on full attention to detail when you scrub with window surfaces. It ensures that every part of the window gets a thorough cleansing. When you implement gentle and firm pressure with the use of your cleaning tools, you can emphasize dislodging and also eliminate accumulated grime, dirt, and several other residues even without any risk of damage to the glass surface or various surrounding components.

Use Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid is popular for having great properties like grease-cutting and gentle formulation. You can use these properties to clean exterior windows most effectively. It’s better to avoid any harsh chemicals or also those of abrasive cleaners that can leave residue, streaks, or damage to the window material.

You can choose a mild dishwashing liquid solution, which can remove dirt and grime effectively while ensuring the shine and clarity of the glass surface.

Use A Squeegee

You can implement a top-quality squeegee for removing excess water and also cleaning the solution most efficiently.

  • It’s a good idea to start from the top area of the window
  • Downwards in a straight
  • Draw the squeegee downwards straight
  • Angle throughout each pass, consistency pressure, etc.
  • Wipe the blade of the squeegee periodically with the use of a clean cloth to prevent streaking and also maintain optimal performance.

Remove Excessive Water

Now it’s time to complete the entire window cleaning by wiping away your remaining water droplets or streaks with the use of a lint-free, clean, or microfiber towel. You can focus especially on corners and edges of window surfaces where water tends to accumulate and thus contribute to spotting or streaking.

You can dry the windows thoroughly and then achieve a streak-free and flawless finish that can improve the clarity and brilliance of the glass.

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