How To Clean Golf Clubs?

How to clean golf clubs

Get A Complete Overview OF How To Clean Golf Clubs

A golf club can become dirty with time after the accumulation of dirt, time, grass, and also other debris. It can hurt the distance of shots and also accuracy. You can remember that proper cleaning is not only essential for preserving the aesthetic look of your club but also necessary for its longevity. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced golfer, you need to know how to clean a golf club properly to improve your playing experience.

This guide aims to discuss some of the most effective golf cleaning processes to make your task easy and less time-consuming. Let’s explore the complete information.

The Process Of How To Clean Golf Clubs

1. Clean Iron

Your first step to start cleaning the golf club is to clean your iron, which is one of the important steps when it comes to maintaining its performance. For this, you need to start filling a bucket with water. Make sure the water is soapy and warm. Once you fill the bucket with water, you can now take a soft brush to scratch the club heads while focusing on the grooves.

You should keep in mind that the grooves on the clubface are designed mainly to improve both spin and control. So, keeping it clean is quite essential. You need to wash the irons gently and then make them dry completely with the use of a clean towel.

2. Use Soapy Water

As we already discussed, soapy water is something that is the most effective cleaning solution for cleaning golf clubs. A professional golf club cleaning services provider always uses it to clean the golf club and get an impressive result. So, you need to use it to get the desired outcomes.

It’s advisable to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive chemicals since they can damage the look of your club. You can soak the club heads for a couple of minutes to remove dirt and debris before the final scrubbing.

3. Groove Cleaning

When it comes to groove cleaning, plays a vital role in terms of the way the golf ball interacts with the clubface. If you want to clean grooves most effectively, you can then use a groove cleaning tool or also the sharp portion of a tee.

You need to use the tool properly to remove grass or dirt accumulated in the grooves. Once you complete it, you can clean grooves properly to make sure spin and control work properly and thus facilitate shots on the course with more accuracy.

4. Cleaning Wood And Putters

You should always pay special attention to woods and putters during the entire cleaning process. You need to use a damp cloth for wiping and cleaning clubheads properly to remove dirt from the surface.

You should avoid submerging metal wood in water to prevent damage to several internal components. You can either use a toothbrush or a soft brush for cleaning intricate details on putters. Let it dry thoroughly.

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5. Remove Rust On Clubs

You need to keep in mind that rust tends to develop on a golf club with time, especially when it’s exposed to moisture most frequently. If you wish to remove rust, you can then form a mixture by combining vinegar and water in equal parts.

You can use this combination and soak it in solutions and rub it gently in the rusted areas. You can use a steel rust eraser to clean stubborn rust. Once you remove rust properly, you can use soapy water to clean the club for neutralizing vinegar, which works effectively to prevent further corrosion.

Ways to clean golf club

6. Clean Grips

Cleaning grips is quite necessary to maintain fully comfortable and secure holds on your clubs. You can use warm and soapy water to fill the basis and then submerge the grips. You can then use a soft cloth or brush to remove away dirt and grime.

You can then rinse it properly and then dry it by using a towel. It’s also advisable to inspect your grips to find any signs of wear and tear and replace them to ensure a reliable and consistent grip.

7. Power Washing

Power washing is one of the most effective cleaning techniques of any club and most of the commercial cleaners in Sydney use it. It helps you clean your golf club more effectively. You should always use a low-pressure setting for the prevention of any damage to the club heads or to eliminate paint fillings.

It’s advisable to hold the club at a slight angle, which helps in prevention of water from getting into the shaft. Once you complete the power washing, you can dry your clubs thoroughly and then apply a light coat of clubhead oil for the prevention of rust.


You need to spend enough time planning for golf cleaning. Follow the above golf cleaning process to improve its aesthetic appearance and get the finest outcomes. To get better results, you should always hire Multi Cleaning, a professional cleaning company in Sydney that promises to deliver world-class cleaning services.

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