How To Clean Keyboard In The Office?

How to clean the keyboard?

A Comprehensive Guide To Clean The Keyboard

The physical wellness and performance of the employee can be improved in a clean work environment. Professional office cleaning ensures a good work environment for the employees and a pleasant ambiance for the visitors. While doing office cleaning, cleaning keyboard is often neglected. While we keep typing on the keyboard most of the day, it needs special attention. Here are some tips to keep your office keyboard tidy.

Clean Your Keyboard With These Simple Steps

The step-by-step guide for cleaning the keyboards are discussed below;

Disconnect The Keyboard

The right way to initiate keyboard cleaning is by ensuring that it is disconnected. Turn off the computer and unplug all cables before cleaning the keyboard. If the keyboard is permanently attached to the personal computer, ensure that the system’s power cord is disconnected to avoid electric shocks. USB keyboards can easily be disconnected, but unplugging regular keyboards can damage and decelerate the system’s operations. Remove all batteries while cleaning the keyboard that works with Bluetooth connection.

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Turn The Keyboard And Mildly Shake It

Experts suggest that it is preferable to remove solid dirt and dust by shaking the keyboard mildly. Small crumbs of dust can be removed by shaking the keyboard lightly. Place the keyboard upside down and tap on it a few times to ensure that all solid dirt is shaken out. Mechanical keyboards with elevated keys can have small pieces of dust debris beneath them. The best way to clean the keyboard is by disassembling it completely.

Best way to clean keyboard

Use Suitable Cleaning Agent

When it comes to a laptop, use products like residue cleaners to get rid of the dirt accumulated between keys. The best way to clean a keyboard is to use slimy cleaning supplies that dry out after spreading them on the surface. The dried-out gel is then peeled off from the keyboard. Loose strands of dirt and dust usually stick to this product and are eventually removed once the dried product is peeled off.

Apply Compressed Air To Blow Out Dirt

There are several ways to clean a keyboard, but the most effective technique of all is air-blowing. Point the air-blowing can towards the keys of a keyboard and move the can throughout the appliance. Hold this at least half an inch above the keyboard’s surface and spray the solution from different angles. Spray the product at an angle of 75º. Avoid applying the product vertically.

Use Vacuum Cleaners To Remove Stubborn Dust

A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust that remains stubbornly stuck beneath the keys of a keyboard. Usually, office cleaners suggested to use regular vacuum cleaner with brush than vacuum cleaner with a hose. If the keys of a keyboard loosen, it is wise to remove the keys altogether, clean them, and put them back into place to acquire a clean keyboard.

Rub Alcohol

Moisten the tips of a cotton swap with alcohol or plain water and rub these moistened tips over the keys to remove dirt. Repeat this process a few times to ensure thorough cleaning. But it is important to ensure that these tips are not placed directly over the letter prints of keys since alcohol can erase the paint used for printing. Use isopropyl alcohol to acquire better results.

Follow These Steps To Clean The Keyboard

Office cleaning can become tiring and expensive when it is done incorrectly. Use the right supplies for cleaning each items like keyboard is essential. Hiring a cleaning company can be the best choice for getting a satisfied result. A clean workspace can improve the serenity and look of its ambiance.

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