How To Clean The Living Room Fast?

How to clean living room fast

Tips On How To Clean The Living Room Fast

A clean living room decreases stress, looks fantastic, and offers you more space to enjoy with your friends and family. But the living room is the place which tends to get dirty the most as people spend most of their time together here. So keeping it clean is quite a difficult task, and people need to learn the tricks of how to clean the living room fast.

But worry not, as we have shared the most helpful living room cleaning checklist to keep the space looking like it is just out of a magazine. Whether you want to maintain a relaxing and clean space or want to prepare for a last-minute gathering, we have got your back.

The Fastest Ways To Clean Living Room

Knowing the ways to clean your living room efficiently and rapidly will free your precious time to invest somewhere else. We have compiled a list of tips on cleaning the living room swiftly with advice from a professional cleaning company in Sydney.

Grab Your Supplies

Always put your basket with the necessary cleaning supplies together before starting the job. It will cut down your living room cleaning time. Some of the must-have supplies to include in your cleaning basket are a sponge, an all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, and microfiber cloth. For a quick cleanup of your living room, you will also require efficient equipment.


A cluttered living room can be overwhelming for you and will make it tough to concentrate only on cleaning. Thus, gather all your toys, video games, papers, books, or anything that does not belong there and put them in their assigned areas. You can also use a laundry basket to contain the mess and deal with it later.

Vacuum or Sweep

Hold a broom or a vacuum cleaner and run it over the carpet of the living room. Mostly crumbs spread on the living room floor, and with a designer rug it is normal to miss some things. It will give the pests and bugs the best food source. Thus, regular vacuuming or sweeping will keep them away.

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Spot Clean Glass Surfaces

Grab the best glass cleaner, spray it on all the glass surfaces, and keep it for some time. It will help to concentrate on the tough grime and stains on the glass. Lastly, wipe them off with a clean microfiber cloth for spotless glass mirrors and furniture.

Furniture Cleaning

The fastest way to clean living room furniture is by removing the dust first with a microfiber cloth on surfaces like sofas, coffee tables, baseboards, TV cabinets, and more. However, you can also use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to clean the furniture. Polish them with high-quality furniture polish and a soft cloth for the natural shine.

Window Cleaning

You can use a glass cleaning spray to clean the windows and the mirrors of the living room to make them look polished. Make sure there are no thick streaks left after cleaning. The best window cleaning tip is that you can use old newspaper sheets, scrunch them up, and massage until the glass is streak-free and clean.

Carpet Cleaning

Another important living room cleaning checklist is to clean the carpets and rugs regularly to remove loose debris and dirt. You can divide the carpet into different segments and clean it in a side-to-side pattern. If they are heavily soiled, then it is best to call a professional company offering house cleaning in Sydney.

Fastest way to clean living room

Floor Cleaning

Floors remain dirty and gather dirt, grime, dust, and crumbs. Sometimes, the spillage on the floor can become messy really fast and can leave residue behind even after cleaning. Bugs take complete advantage of this situation. You have to soak a sponge in soapy and warm water and clean any spot that feels sticky or dirty on the floor.


Spiders are fond of dust. Thus, cleaning the living room will keep these eight-legged critters away from your home. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster to rapidly remove the dust from the surfaces.

Cleaning The Trash

Collect all your trash from the living room before starting to clean it. Use a big trash bag so that you do not have to take several trips to the trash can. Throw away all the waste, like unopened mail and wrappers. If you have any additional time, examine your space utility. If there are any furniture or items you are not using frequently, remove them immediately and free up your space.

Reorganizing The Sofa

If you have a leather or a fabric sofa, reorganizing them will make the living room cleaner and neat. Straighten the cushions of the seat, fold any throws or blanket, fluff the pillows, and check the upholstery for any lint, hair, or crumbs accumulated there. You can use a vacuum wand extension or handheld vacuum to extract them.

Cleaning The Ceiling Fan And The Light Fixtures

Ceiling fans and light fixtures accumulate cobwebs and dust and should be removed with an extending and long duster or a vacuum cleaner. Always dust from top to bottom while dusting. Cover the chain, exterior, and bulb of the fixture to eliminate any cobwebs that might be formed inside.

Clean The Window Coverings

Window coverings like curtains and blinds, including vertical, Roman, Venetian, and roller varieties, are the most likely places in the living room to collect dust. You do not have to take them down and clean them with a handheld vacuum. For tough blemishes or stains, consider seeking the help of an experienced company offering house cleaning in Sydney.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have known how to clean the living room fast implement all these steps and save some additional time. If you have little time, then the best way to clean the living room rapidly is to hire an expert cleaning company in Sydney like Multi Cleaning. They will offer an inviting and spotless living space that you will be proud to show to your friends and family.

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