How To Clean Windows Without Streaks?

How to clean windows without a streak

How To Clean Windows Sparkling?

Unclean and foggy windows can disrupt incoming light. Individuals often need clarification about how to clean windows streak free. Experts recommend various alternatives to window cleaning. The most effective alternative to the recommended ones is cleaning each window component one at a time. If you are unaware of the window cleaning procedure, you should first start by removing the blinds or windscreens and cleaning them separately. Then concentrate on the window glass. Read to know more about how to clean windows streak free.

Tips To Clean Windows Streak Free

Homemade and personally prepared solutions are the most effective alternatives to clean windows streak free. Listed below are a few tips to keep your windows clean.

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Personally prepared vinegar solutions

Add vinegar (approximately 3-4 tablespoons) to a bucket filled with mildly warm water. Mix this solution thoroughly to avoid lumps. This solution can emit a strong odour when cleaning your windows, but this smell fades away with time. The actual threat comes in the form of commercial cleaning solutions that could involve the use of a lot of chemicals that can result in irritation and itching on the skin during direct contact. Therefore, individuals are advised to use gloves and other safety gear while engaging in commercial window cleaning.

If you are wondering how to clean windows streak-free, the solution can never be used to clean mirrors since the same may creep into the back of the mirror, causing damage. Once the solution is prepared, clean the frames of the window first. It ensures no dirty water gets slipped while cleaning window panes. Just wipe the frames of a window using a sponge that is made wet using regular water to get rid of most of the dust. But when these frames are very dirty, use a sponge dipped in a mixture of water and regular detergent.

Clean windows in a way that resembles the letter ‘Z’

Window cleaning has to be done in a step-by-step format to ensure thorough cleaning. Once the frames of a window are cleaned, shift to cleaning its panes. Fill the previously suggested vinegar solutions in empty spray bottles and use the same for any commercial cleaning. After spraying this solution on the window panes, wipe the mixture using a micro-fibre or any soft cloth in a way that resembles the letter ‘Z’. Finally, use regular detergent for cleaning highly dirty window panes.Clean window without streak

Use newspapers that are old to avoid streaks while cleaning

The next step of a window cleaning checklist is to focus on cleaning the insides of a window using old and unused newspapers. Once the frames and panes of a window are cleaned, focus on the last step of a window cleaning checklist, which is drying the cleaned portions using old newspapers. Portions cleaned using vinegar solutions can leave residues behind, making the surface look foggy. Old newspapers are excellent alternatives for removing these residues. Another useful how to clean windows streak free tips is to rub crushed newspapers on the cleaned surface as it can give a sparkling clean window.

Now concentrate on cleaning the outsides of a window

But experts of window cleaning services suggest washing liquids and mildly warm water clean the outside of a window. Scrim is a fabric that is appropriate for window cleaning. Contact Multi Cleaning company for expert window cleaning solutions.


Online stores sell high-quality products for window cleaning. Hiring a window cleaning company like Multi Cleaning is recommended to spark your windows. There is no room for worries concerning the window cleaning cost.

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