How To Make Your Office Smell Good?

How to make your office smell good

Explore How To Make Your Office Smell Good?

Appropriate working environment is vital for increasing worker productivity. Thus, along with proper décor, temperature, lighting, and equipment, it is important that the office also smells good. Unpleasant odors can be a major distraction in an office if you have to sit next to the break room where someone has heated a fish in the microwave or burned popcorn. Thus, as a business manager or owner, you know how to make your office smell good.

Many business owners think that just spraying air fresheners in the office will cover up all the foul smells and make it fresh. But this needs to be clarified. You will need the help of a professional company to clean the office from the inside out and make it smell good.

Ways To Make Your Office Smell Good?

Below we have chalked out a list through which you can make your office smell good and fresh. It is time to go through them one by one.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Conventional cleaning products are potentially hazardous for office surroundings. These products can trigger long-term illnesses and asthma or leave burn marks while using them. Green office cleaning products do not include harmful chemicals and contain natural fragrances with lesser health risks. These are also safer to implement with weakened health conditions or immune systems. There are no chemicals present in green office cleaning products and thus cause no air pollution.

Clean Air Ventilation

When it is a question of banishing office odors, fresh air is the only option. Open all the windows and embrace natural air ventilation. It will allow the outside air to breathe life into your office. If it is not possible to open windows due to central AC, then you need to do regular cleaning of the filters and ventilation systems for fresh air. It will whisk away all the bad smells and enhance your senses.

Identify the Stink

You should first identify the unpleasant office odor source. Conduct a visual evaluation of the working areas and break room. Check out for any leftover food and if the microwave is clean. Inspect the HVAC system and the ducts regularly. You can also take the help of the employees to identify the source of the stinking odor and eliminate it as soon as possible.

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Clean Window and Blinds

Whether it is due to smoke, heating odors, or any other source like dust and dirt, the blinds and the windows can stink unpleasantly. Thus, it is necessary to clean them from time to time to get rid of all the dust, grime, and grease, which might lead to an unlikable smell. Wipe the windows and the blinds with a microfiber cloth or a duster to clean them easily.

Implement Air Fresheners

Another way of handling the bad smell is the usage of air fresheners. The best solution is to use a plug-in freshener that will release a beautiful fragrance repeatedly every few minutes. However, use an air freshener only after identifying the sources of the bad smell and cleaning the area. You can also use flowers as a natural air freshener and make your office smell nice.

Clean the Washroom Regularly

Cleaning and making the bathroom spotless regularly should always top the office cleaning checklist. It can be the best place for an unpleasant odor in an office. Cleaning the washroom checklist should include the following:

  • Maintaining an efficient flushing system.
  • Proper hygiene.
  • Floor cleaning.
  • Toilet seat cleaning.
  • Refilling the soap dispensers.
  • Changing the air fresheners.

Change the Trash Bins Everyday

You also need to efficiently manage the office waste to battle against the bad odor. Explore different smart practices for waste management that include regular maintenance of trash bins and other disposal techniques.

how to make your office smells good


Clean the Office

The office also smells good if you keep it clean with frequent deep cleaning. Bad smells usually come from things that are not managed or cleaned for a long time. You should particularly keep a close eye on the break room and bathroom, as these are the major sources of foul stenches. Make sure your employees wash up all their plates after eating their food, as it can easily create bacteria and a stinking smell when left for a longer time.

Fresh Carpets

Carpets can also be a breeding ground for bad odors in a workspace if you do not clean and maintain them properly. The expert companies offering office cleaning packages include professional carpet cleaning techniques from occasional deep cleaning to regular vacuuming. So, always keep your carpet clean to free your office from unlikable smells.

Add a Few Houseplants

You can add some houseplants to your entire office area to clean the air and make it fresh. Plants will enhance the air quality by absorbing the toxins and creating oxygen. It also creates a refreshing surrounding and looks nice. Examples of houseplants that you can place in your office include peace lilies, ficus, ferns, and snake plants.

Add More Positive Scents

Olfactory nerves process the scents and have a direct impact on the brain parts that process learning and emotion. Thus, adding positive scents during office cleaning in Sydney can create an outstanding working experience and also improve productivity. Lemon, rosemary, jasmine, and peppermint scents are well-proven to enhance concentration and mood.

Advantages of Having a Good Smelling Office

The benefits of having a good-smelling office are manifold. It can affect the productivity, health, and performance of the employees. Fresh-smelling workspace can also substantially boost the mood. Thus, as a business manager or owner, you should take care of a clean and fresh office that will be appealing to most of your workers.

Final Words

So, are you ready to say goodbye to badly-smelling office space? It is evident from the above why and how you should make your office smell good. To do the job, hire an exceptionally professional and highly-skilled cleaning company like Multi Cleaning. They have immense experience in commercial cleaning services in Sydney and offer an inviting, eco-friendly, and freshly smelling workspace.

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