How To Remove Stains From Fabric Office Chair?

How to remove stains from fabric office chair

Know The Ways To Wipe Out Stains From Fabric Office Chair

Cleaning office chairs is one of the essential tasks that you need to perform to maintain a good appearance in your workplace. It also helps in maintaining a soothing, pleasurable environment that encourages your employees to work efficiently, which improves production and revenue. An office chair tends to become dirty because of various things like food mishaps, ink blots, coffee spills, etc.

You need to be aware of various useful techniques to remove stains from your office chairs. It’s advisable to implement the most effective cleaning techniques based on the type of fabric and stains. A thorough cleaning of office chairs helps you make them brand new and thus also improves their life. We will discuss here how to remove stains from fabric office chairs by explaining various new techniques.

Things To Do While Removing Stains From Fabric Office Chair

Now, you can go through detailed techniques for office chair cleaning. Implementing these will help you get the desired outcomes.

Identify Stain

Before you start the process of cleaning your office chair, it’s advisable to find out the type of stain that appears on your fabric office chair. Some of the most common stains include tea, coffee, grease, food, dirt, inks, etc. Find the best ways to clean office chair based on the nature of the stain. That can help you select an apt cleaning method and product.

Identify The Fabric Of Office Chair

Identifying the fabric of office chair is important to decide the cleaning methods. To identify the fabric of your office chair, start by visually inspecting the material. Look closely at the texture and appearance of the upholstery. Fabric chairs often have a soft, woven texture with visible fibers, while mesh chairs feature a breathable, net-like material.

Lets see the cleaning methods for different fabric office chairs.

Cleaning Upholstery

You should focus on cleaning the upholstery of the office chair. It’s necessary for the prevention of the buildup of dirt and dust, which causes stains over time. It’s necessary to use a vacuum cleaner that is available with a brush attachment for removing dust and surface debris from the fabric. Vacuuming is also essential when it comes to deeper cleaning.

For this, you can use an upholstery attachment that comes with a vacuum cleaner to eliminate embedded dust and dirt from the fabric.

Make sure you vacuum different areas of chairs, including seams, crevices, corners, etc

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Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is something that can help you clean fabric office chairs effortlessly by offering the desired outcomes. It can be the right option if you wish to use natural and eco friendly cleaning products to remove different types of stains from your fabric office chairs.

How To Use?

  • Mix it with water in an equal ratio and keep it in a spray bottle
  • After this, use a spray to apply the solution to the stained spot
  • Let it be for a couple of minutes
  • Then, wipe it with a clean cloth

You can then repeat the entire process until stains are removed.

Use Baking Soda

The next product you can use for fabric office chair cleaning is baking soda. Being a household ingredient, you can use it to neutralize odors and also list stains from fabric upholstery.

How To Use?

  • Directly use it on the stained spot
  • Leave the solution on the stained area for at least 20 to 30 minutes
  • Use a clean cloth to scrub the area
  • It’s advisable to rinse the area with water and then wipe it with a clean cloth

Use Mild Detergent

Sometimes, you come across various stubborn stains like food spills or grease. To remove any such stain, you can use a mild detergent solution with water to create a solution.

How To Use?

  • Use a clean cloth and then dip it inside the solution.
  • Wipe the stained area.
  • Then rinse it with water with a clean cloth.

How To Remove Stain From Fabric Office Chair

Steam Cleaning

When it comes to steam cleaning, it’s something that can be highly effective for deep cleaning the fabric upholstery. It also helps you eliminate tough stains from your fabric office chairs.

You can always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to steam clean your fabric office chair. Steam cleaning is effective in cleaning stains. It also works effectively in killing allergens and bacteria, which helps you clean and sanitize your chair.

Use Commercial Stain Removers

Commercial stain removers serve their actual purpose of dealing with tough stains on fabric upholstery. You can select stain remover while ensuring it’s safe to use on the type of fabric. Never be in a hurry and follow the instructions of the manufacturer properly. You need to focus on the inconspicuous or small area of the chair to ensure effectiveness and computability.

Hire Professional Cleaners

No matter how much effort you make to clean your office chair, you can’t get the desired outcomes delivered by professionals. It’s always a good idea to hire a genuine and professional office cleaners. These office cleaning services providers have the required expertise, cleaning solutions, and equipment to eliminate stubborn stains in the most effective way from the fabric office chair even without damaging the fabric.

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