The Importance Of Office Cleaning In 2024

importance of office cleaning

Importance Of Office Cleaning – Explained In 2024!

The office environment has a lot of walk-ins throughout the day. These might be your business vendors, clients, employees, and other visitors. Your premises should look crystal clear at all times to make your first impression count. In addition, the importance of office cleaning just had a whole new perspective ever since the pandemic took its place and shook us all. Cleaning is no more a surface-level affair, and it involves so many other streams, including complete germs disinfection, and termination.

Here Are Some Of The Things You Should Remember While Going About Your Office Cleaning

1. Cleaning first, disinfection & sanitization next

This is a standard procedure that you should acknowledge your janitors or office cleaners in Sydney. Cleaning is a surface-level routine, and it involves the removal of dust, grime, and dirt accumulations on top of floors, walls, furniture, and other areas. You can simply go about this with a basic broom and a dry microfiber cloth.

Use a mop next along with a disinfectant solution, and go about the routine on top of these freshly dusted surfaces. You should also be sure to leave the disinfectant on the surface for a minimum period of fifteen minutes before you clean it off completely. This will make the procedure more effective and efficient.

Sanitization is the final procedure where you add a protective layer on top of these freshly cleaned surfaces. This will make the space safe for the next person who uses it and also acts as a barrier to prevent the accumulation of germs on top of these fresh surfaces for a period of time.

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2. Checklist and a POA

There’s nothing like a well-thought-out approach when it comes to office cleaning services. First, do a thorough assessment of the end-to-end of your premises. This will give you a list of all elements that need proper coverage and help you devise an office cleaning checklist to cover one after the other.

A plan of action refers to a to-do list where you’ll devise a separate cleaning scheme for all the niche requirements that you might have. For example, you cannot simply use a floor cleaner to clean bathroom tiles or windows. Each and every area requires a specific supply that can effectively cast away all the grimes’ particles from these surfaces.

When you hire a professional, they’ll do all these for you without requiring your constant intervention. You’ll be handing over your demands to someone who knows it all, and they’ll take complete accountability in transforming your premises completely.

importance of office cleaning

3. Hire a professional when necessary

Not every requirement is going to be handy. You might encounter stained carpets, windows full of streaks, unhygienic bathrooms that require a deep cleaning, or even extremely dirty furniture that needs a cleaning to revamp.

All these might take a professional eye for details to take care of them to the fullest. Hiring a janitor for a day job and entrusting them with these crucial responsibilities might not result in meeting your expectations.

Not to mention the capital investment involved in the purchase, stocking up, and maintenance of the cleaning supplies. The operational cost of hiring, screening, and maintaining a team of janitors is also going to shoot up through your roof. Hiring someone as experienced as Multi Cleaning will ensure that all your requirements are met in the best quality possible.

When you hire a professional, you’re essentially investing on:

  • High-quality, hand-picked supplies that are diverse and specific for the particular space in question.
  • Green cleaning inside out where you go with completely eco-friendly procedures, even for any tough cleaning procedure. This will ensure that your employees do not face the usual aftermath of chemical-intensive cleanings like allergies, rashes, respiratory problems, or even asthmatic triggers.
  • Subject-matter experts and resourceful cleaners who are best at what they do.
  • A professional eye takes care of all your corners that are usually overlooked by regular janitors
  • After work, hours cleaning so as to not disrupt your workflow during operational hours
  • Insured cleaning procedure with third-party liability coverage and workers’ compensation. We’ll take care of any damages that accidentally happen while cleaning all by ourselves
  • Background checked, and police verified cleaners who are safe and extremely professional
  • Personalized cleaning packages that are more affordable than hiring and maintaining a janitorial team
  • Standard procedures and following all the protocols by global bodies, including OSHA, CDC, and SWA, for added safety.
  • Cleaning services that are on-point each time around.

4. Encourage your employees to be organized

As a business owner, this is your responsibility. There is only so much that any cleaner can do for you. And since commercial cleaners usually charge on an hourly basis, your routine is going to take a lot more time if every single employee maintains completely scattered work desks. Their organization, reracking, and cleaning is going to add an extra burden on the cleaners, and you will also be spending extra to take care of them.

Instill a workspace culture of cleanliness. Encourage your employees to clear out their desks at the end of each working day. Keep a trash can under every desk and make sure that your cleaners cover them on a daily basis. Replace the liners each morning and welcome your employees to a fresh desk every day, which will keep them positive and fresh all day long.

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