Office Cleaning Costs In Sydney

office cleaning cost

All You Need To Know About Office Cleaning Costs

Keeping the office space sanitized and clean is a top priority now, more than ever. Clients and employees prioritize health and cleanliness at work. While many office managers don’t think their building is dirty. It is far from true. There are plenty of places where grime, dust, and germs are not noticeable. When was the last time it got a good clean? Regular office cleaning can increase profit and productivity. So regular cleaning is essential. But what inhibits owners from cleaning is the office cleaning cost.

Here is a look at the office cleaning costs in Sydney. That will give you an idea of how often and what services to choose for office cleaning.

What Is The Office Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

A clean office has many benefits. It helps employee productivity and also attracts more clients. While hiring office cleaning services is better, how much does it cost? It is a question that is foremost on most people’s minds.

The average cost of office cleaning depends on the hourly cost per cleaner, the frequency and level of cleaning, the types of cleaning requirements needed, the number of workers required, and a niche cleaning schedule.

Office cleaning prices can range from $30 or $40 per hour per cleaner. A single professional can cover an area of 800 to 1000 sq ft. That is when it is regular cleaning. If there is a specific niche, then the area covered is less. If you want to know the price on a size basis, it is about $1 to $3 per square foot.

So for an average office space, you may have to shell out about $300 to $500 for cleaning. Any add-ons that you choose will be extra. These rates are subjective as the cost of cleaning is dependent on many factors.

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Services And Pricing Of An Office Cleaning Company

  • Cleansing floors, draperies, furnishings, and other necessary materials
  • Sanitation, sweeping, and smoothing furniture and other spaces when required
  • Vacuuming and getting dry floors
  • Removal and disinfecting of trashcans
  • Dropping garbage
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Cleaning kitchen floors
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting the kitchen sink 
  • Cleaning cabinet doors, tables and chairs 

In addition to these, cleaning companies may charge extra costs for professional office cleaning services such as 

  • Interior or exterior window cleaning of high-rise office buildings
  • Carpet cleaning with steam
  • End-of-lease cleaning (move-out cleaning),
  • Scrubbing and polishing floors
  • Sweeping and scrubbing other special surfaces
  • Washing ceilings
  • Cleaning air conditioners and fans
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach spots and other special cleaning duties.

Factors That Affect Office Cleaning Costs In Sydney

Some of the factors that can affect office cleaning prices are as below:


It takes longer to complete the task if you have a bigger office space. It also needs additional cleaners. Apart from the size, quantity also becomes a factor. Cleaning more rooms means higher cost.

Number Of Rooms

Cleaning time for every room is different. Kitchens and bathrooms need more time than other rooms. Also, if you have big windows that are risky and your office floor is higher, costs differ. If they are risky and more time-consuming, expect to pay more. A general rule is more complex the job, the higher the expense.

Office cleaning price

Frequency Of Cleaning

Commercial cleaning costs work out cheaper if you choose regular cleaning. However, it costs more if you decide to go for a one-off or by-the-hour service.

Type And Condition Of The Space

The condition and type of space also alter the final cost. A buffet restaurant that sees many spills needs more cleaning. Similarly, cleaning a medical office costs more. That is to cover for the safe handling of harmful wastes. Whereas a corporate office does not need a great amount of work if regularly cleaned.

Level Of Cleaning

Office cleaning cost differs depending on the level of cleaning. Deep cleaning with advanced equipment costs more. Regular cleaning covers the basics, and the prices are comparatively low.


If you live in remote areas, the cost is high. That is to cover the transportation cost and high cost of living.

Why Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services?

Many office owners merely go by the office cleaning cost. They do not consider the benefits of hiring office cleaning like Multi Cleaning. Some of the advantages are:

  • It saves money by doing regular office cleaning. It keeps the office in good shape and prevents costly repairs.
  • When you hire professionals, you can leave the task to them. While you can use that time to grow your business.
  • Professional office cleaners have the expertise, experience, and proper equipment to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning.
  • They can develop a cleaning schedule that suits your business operations, whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning.
  • Professional cleaners follow standardized processes and have a trained team of staff who are experienced in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Keep your office safe with the help of our professionals, as we are expert cleaners. we have knowledge of how to handle stains and germs so your office is secure and safe.

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