How Much Does School Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

School cleaning cost

An Overview of School Cleaning Cost In Sydney

Cleaning is crucial for schools to maintain a hygienic environment. It also ensures the well-being of both students and staff by letting them stay healthy and happy. Indeed, a clean school promotes a conducive atmosphere, facilities, and a complete learning environment for students. The most crucial question that often comes to mind to everyone is “How much does school cleaning cost?

Well, it varies from place to place. If we talk about the school cleaning price in Sydney, it depends on several factors, including – size and level of cleaning are some of those. In this post, we will talk about the average cost of school cleaning and various factors in detail.

Average School Cleaning Cost In Sydney

Most school cleaning service providers in Sydney charge on an hourly basis, which is nearly $30 to $40. As mentioned above, the average school cleaning cost in Sydney tends to depend on numerous factors like the level of required cleaning, size of school, and frequency of cleaning. Let’s get an estimated price range for cleaning the school.

So, based on these things, one can calculate the average cleaning cost of any school in Sydney.

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Factors That Influence School Cleaning Cost

As we already mentioned the influence of some factors on the cost of school cleaning. Now, let’s discuss each factor in detail.

1. Type of Floors

The type of floor of the school is one of the factors that have a higher impact on the overall cost of its cleaning. Different types of floors, including tile, hardwood, etc., need different kinds of maintenance and cleaning products. Besides, the carpet area may also need more frequent vacuuming and steam cleaning.

2. Frequency of Cleaning

The frequency of school cleaning is another crucial factor for school cleaning. Those schools that need regular cleaning, including high-touch areas like cafeterias, restrooms, etc., often have to deal with higher cleaning costs compared to those who opt for less frequent cleaning.

3. Age of Building

To clean old buildings, professional cleaners have to deal with more wear and tear, which increases overall cleaning costs. They deal with more dust caused by peeling paint, cracked tiles, etc.

4. Size of Building

The size of the school building is another crucial factor that has a higher impact on the cost of its cleaning. It reflects that a large school building having more classrooms, common areas, hallways, etc., tends to increase cleaning costs and vice versa. It also requires cleaning professionals to use more tools and equipment to clean buildings and premises.

5. Specialized Cleaning

Needs many areas in a school may need specialized cleaning, be it art studios, science laboratories, or gymnasiums. Professionals always need additional equipment, specialized training, cleaning agents, etc. It further maximizes the cleaning cost.

6. Activities and Population of Students

The number of students and their activities directly impact the overall cost of school cleaning. Those schools that have larger populations or organize various extracurricular activities may experience a greater level of mess and wear-on facilities.

7. Environmental Consideration

Most schools in Sydney implement green cleaning practices to minimize their environmental footprint. Meanwhile, these crucial practices contribute to schools cleaning the environment and making it healthy. It requires a professional to use eco-friendly cleaning products that are indeed highly expensive.

Services Included in School Cleaning Packages

When it comes to school cleaning packages, these include a range of services that are crucial to developing a clean and pleasurable environment. A professional cleaning company in Sydney like Multi Cleaning creates school cleaning packages based on the specific needs of every school. Let’s explore some of the common services school cleaning packages include:

1. General Cleaning

It’s one of the most crucial forms of cleaning that almost every package includes. General cleaning includes different activities like mopping, sweeping, vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, wiping down surfaces, etc.

2. Classroom Cleaning

When it comes to classroom cleaning, it involves cleaning of chairs, desks, chalkboards, whiteboards, etc. It’s necessary to maintain a fully organized learning space.

3. Restroom Sanitization

A school cleaning package combines thorough sanitizing of sinks, toilets, mirrors, and various other places.

4. Floor Care

From tile and vinyl to carpet, schools in Sydney nowadays use a wide range of flooring options. A cleaning package includes waxing, stripping, buffing, etc., to ensure floors are clean, safe, and well-maintained.

5. Common Area Maintenance

It includes cleaning different places, including stairwells, hallways, stair walls, and several other common areas within the school premises. The reason is these areas witness heavy foot traffic and also need a regular cleaning service to prevent the accumulation of germs.

6. Seasonal Cleaning

Most schools in Sydney often need seasonal cleaning, including deep cleaning during summer breaks or winter maintenance to address issues like snow and salt removal. Most of the packages generally include this kind of cleaning.

7. Waste Removal

As mentioned above, proper waste disposal is crucial for maintaining a perfect balance in the ecosystem. It’s also vital for maintaining hygiene and environmental reasons. A professional cleaner offers a cleaning package that includes a regular empty of trash cans and also ensures waste is segregated properly for disposal.

8. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is something that improves the overall appearance of any school. It enables natural light to come inside the classroom. A cleaning package is available with interior and exterior windows to make it free from streaks and smudges.

9. Specialized Cleaning

It is something that depends on the actual needs of the school. A cleaning package needs various specialized school cleaning services in Sydney. For instance, athletic and gym facilities might need special floor cleaning, and science labs require chemical spill cleanup procedures.


So, after going through the above information, you may have some idea about the cost of school cleaning in Sydney. However, it’s tough to get an idea about the exact price for school cleaning. So, it’s the right decision to approach Multi Cleaning to discuss your school cleaning requirements and get some ideas about cost.

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