How To Steam Clean Windows In The Cold?

steam cleaning windows in the cold

Steam Cleaning – The Right Choice For Your Windows

It is never fun to wash windows unless you are a cleaning freak. But it becomes tougher when the weather is cold outside. Unfortunately, it is one of those things that are necessary. One of the must-do tasks is steam cleaning windows in the cold season as it helps to clean the grime and allows sunshine. It also helps to see through the windows better and be on top of household chores. Wondering how to steam-clean windows in the cold? Here are some helpful tips that make the task easier:

Tips On How To Steam Clean Windows In The Cold

During winter, it is understandable to want to spend time indoors. So it is pretty common to ignore window cleaning. Many also choose to clean them a few weeks before the season starts. But it cannot help but remain spotless for the rest of the year. That is because winter is the time when the windows get dirty. There will be dirt, debris, and even salt that covers the windows. So it is rare that you can get away without cleaning your windows. To help make things a little easier, you can follow these tips and get the job done.

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Gather The Right Supplies And Tools

Before you head outside wearing all those warm clothes, gather your tools. The window cleaning cost of gathering these depends on your preference for the brand. Make sure you have the right supplies and tools, which include the following:

Dishwashing liquid or soap or windshield fluid mixed with lukewarm water. Also, keep a bucket of water handy for use.

  • Rubber dishwashing gloves that are waterproof. If it is freezing cold, wear it over wool or cotton gloves. This helps to protect your hands from freezing. It also helps you to work well when the hands are warm.
  • Use a squilgee which is a flat and smooth rubber blade. This can help in removing liquid from a flat surface.
  • Snow can accumulate in some places, so you may need a broom to sweep away snow.
  • Microfibre cloths for cleaning and paper towels for removing stains or streaks.
  • An extension pole and a ladder if you are cleaning higher-level windows.

steam cleaning windows in the cold

If you are steam cleaning windows in the cold that are at a higher level, take another person’s help. That helps you to stay safe when you are on a ladder trying to reach those windows.

Choose A Calm Day

If you have decided to do window cleaning during winter, choose the right day. Not just the day of cleaning, but the days following it too. It should not be too cold or windy. Apart from the day, the time too should be right. Start at the time when it is slightly overcast or choose windows that are in the shade. This helps in avoiding streaks on the windows.

Window cleaning professionals recommend scheduling window cleaning on a gloomy day. When you clean when the sun is out, the reflections can mask the spots that need attention. So you end up wasting time as the windows are still dirty. Instead, take note of the spots and choose an overcast day. Choose our window cleaning services for the squeegee on the window, and clean thoroughly.

Remember that a hot cleaning solution can damage the window. So it is best that you clean when it is above freezing. If you want to clean when the temperature is too cold, dilute the water and soap with alcohol. A 3:1 ratio of soap, water, and rubbing alcohol is a good ratio. This will keep the water soapy and also prevent freezing of it. Another way to prevent the liquid from freezing is to use a spray bottle. Fill it with lukewarm water and add a windshield cleaner to prevent freezing.

Prepare The Window

Now that the window cleaning solution is ready, start preparing them. Before applying any cleaning solution, remove dust, debris, or dirt. They will have grime if you have not cleaned the windows for many days. Avoid washing them immediately as the semi-frozen dirt will melt by spraying water. This makes the window look gross. Wipe the top layer with a microfiber cloth and start window cleaning.

Remember to remove them from the grooves and the window tracks. By doing so, you are also helping with the easy opening and closing of the windows. If you skip cleaning the large dirt particles, the windows get dirtier and messier. The whole purpose of window cleaning goes for a toss.

steam cleaning window in the cold

Water Temperature

Be careful of the water temperature that you use to clean the windows. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold as the contrast can crack the window panes. Cold water can start to freeze on the window. So too hot or cold water does more harm, so lukewarm water is the best. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands like the ones you use for dishwashing.

No Marks Windows

When cleaning the glass of your windows, start from one corner and end at the other. The same when you do it from the top and move to the bottom. After cleaning using the solution, you need to wipe it. We recommend that you don’t use newspapers. They can cause light scratches and leave marks on the window frames. The best choice is paper towels, which absorb water and leave no streaks. You can also use a microfibre cloth for drying. These, too, do not cause any streaks and make the window look good.

It is best if you can steam clean windows in the cold frequently. The frequency depends on the location and weather. In general, it is a good practice to clean it at least once a month. You can always do the cleaning yourself. But if you want to maintain it regularly, window cleaning services are worth a try. With a professional cleaner, there is less stress on steam cleaning windows and you can get them cleaned regardless of the season. The window cleaning cost too can be reduced if you do it regularly.

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