Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Types of carpet cleaning

What Are The Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals?

Carpet cleaning is necessary to maintain cleanliness and also a healthy indoor environment. If you are searching for the best carpet cleaning methods, you can get numerous options. So, there’s the possibility that you may be confused about choosing the right option for carpet cleaning. You can gather information related to different types of carpet cleaning methods.

It helps you find the best cleaning method based on your specific requirements. Every carpet cleaning method has certain advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss some carpet cleaning types to allow you to explore various crucial facts.

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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

1. Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning

Also popular as steam carpet cleaning, hot water extraction is a process to clean carpet. Steam cleaning is effective for deep cleaning and can remove stubborn stains and dirt from carpet fibres. It involves high-pressure hot water that dissolves dirt in the carpet.

Once you clean the carpet for a shorter duration, you can easily wash the carpet with the use of the right carpet cleaning equipment. You can rinse the cleaning agent thoroughly and allow it to dry at either room or air-conditioned temperature. You need to spend at least 2 hours cleaning a carpeted area of 3000 sq ft.


  • Highly effective for deep cleaning and removing embedded dirt, allergens, and stains.
  • Uses hot water to kill bacteria and germs, making it a hygienic option.
  • Can be used on a variety of carpet types and textures.
  • The powerful vacuum used in the process can extract most of the water, reducing drying time.

2. Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that involves using little to no water in the cleaning process. Unlike traditional steam cleaning, which uses hot water extraction, dry carpet cleaning relies on specialized cleaning agents, powders, or foams to remove dirt, stains, and allergens from the carpet fibers. This method is particularly suitable for delicate carpets that may shrink or lose color with excessive moisture.


  • Quick drying time, as it uses little to no water.
  • Suitable for delicate or water-sensitive carpets, preventing shrinkage or colour bleeding.
  • Can be used for routine maintenance to keep carpets looking fresh.

3. Bonnet Cleaning

It’s another technique of cleaning carpet that you can consider to regain the original look of the carpet by removing dirt and dust. In this case, heavy-duty automated equipment with a spinning pad soaked in a carpet cleaning solution might be used to absorb dust from the carpet surface.

It’s a famous technique in carpet cleaning, especially for hotels, as it can provide a quick fix solution for cleaning carpets in heavy traffic areas. It needs the carpet to be clean even without moisture.


  • A quick and inexpensive method suitable for routine maintenance.
  • Low-moisture process, leading to relatively fast drying times.

Carpet cleaning methods

4. Carpet Dry Powder Cleaning

Carpet dry powder cleaning is one of the most popular cleaning techniques that involve using a combination of soft eco-friendly cleaning products with detergent, water, and some safe solvents. You can then use the combination of the mixture by sprinkling it onto the caret, which creates clumps. These clumps work like micro-sponges that can dissolve and absorb dirt and stains.


  • Quick drying time, making it suitable for high-traffic areas or routine maintenance.
  • Can be done without specialized equipment.

5. Encapsulation

Foam encapsulation involves using synthetic detergents as a base that can crystallize into a complete powder when it does dry. The foam encapsulation cleaning method is an advanced form of carpet shampooing. The main reason for this is encapsulation uses less water, especially during cleaning, which leads to less drying time compared to carpet shampooing.

Foam encapsulation has gained popularity among people who want to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Reliable carpet cleaners use these products. These products include fewer chemicals that will not harm your carpet.


  • Low-moisture method, resulting in fast drying times.
  • The encapsulated dirt can be easily removed through vacuuming.
  • Prevents rapid re-soiling by leaving little to no residue.


Carpet is one of the most necessary items for every space, be it your home, office, or other commercial space. Indeed, carpet cleaning is not easy. You can make it easy by choosing the appropriate cleaning methods. Above are carpet cleaning methods – you can choose one of them based on your choice. The cleaning services in Sydney at Multi Cleaning is a trusted brand that provides world-class carpet cleaning services.

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