What Are The Types of Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals In Sydney?

Types of cleaning methods

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Maintaining hygiene and keeping the place clean on the highest level should be of the highest priority. With the advent of COVID-19, people are more interested in disinfecting their homes and workspace to prevent any virus spreading. There are different types of cleaning methods that most professional cleaning companies use to deliver outstanding results. With these methods, specialized and skilled experts clean a place swiftly and efficiently.

Different Types of Cleaning Methods Used by Professionals

Whether you have hired a professional cleaning company to make your office spotless or your home tidy, the methods below will do it without hassle.


Sweeping is one of the most efficient and faster ways of cleaning large warehouses, offices, homes, and other commercial cleaning. It helps to eliminate dirt, debris, dust, and grime and fully transform a dirty place into a clean one. A professional team can handle any sweeping job during scheduled maintenance services

  • A dustpan
  • Garbage bag
  • Well-stocked cleaning cart
  • Broom


Dust is an unrecognized villain causing problems in offices and homes. A space might appear clean, but spider webs and dust might be hiding under the window frames, furniture, or wall corners. Regular dusting of any surface, including the equipment, desks, shelves, furniture, and others, is vital for maintaining cleanliness. It will remove the loose dirt and prevent further dust formation on them. Dusting will also eliminate the cobwebs, preventing the insects from building their home in your home or office. Hire house cleaners to dust and sweep your home without any struggle.

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Cloth duster
  • Dusting solution
  • Feather dusting

Damp Dusting

Damp dusting assists in collecting and trapping all the dust in a single wipe. This method is perfect for cleaning vents, railings, blinds, billboards, mirrors, and others. Professionals usually use water to soak a microfiber cloth and do the dump dusting.

  • Water
  • Neutral detergent or green cleaning solution
  • Cloth duster
  • Plastic container

Dust Mopping

Dust mopping efficiently cleans all the dust on any floor surface. Professional cleaning companies use various user-friendly equipment to clean the dust on the walls, floors, tables, and other surfaces. Through dust mopping, one can clean the higher as well as lower surfaces with ease.

  • Dusting pan
  • Dustbin
  • Dust collection bag
  • Garbage bin
  • Dust managing mop

Spot Mopping

Mostly in commercial spaces like offices, shopping malls, or hospitals, there can be spillage frequently. In these scenarios, spot mopping is the only option. A mopping expert will always be ready to mop the floor with disinfectant cleaners and make it shiny and clean.

  • Cold water
  • Mop wringer trolley or mop
  • Bucket
  • A diluted solution of neutral detergent

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Wet Mopping

Different floor surfaces need different types of cleaning methods. The professionals use appropriate wet mopping cleaning solutions for hard floors like hardwood, tile, or vinyl.

  • Mop wringer trolley or wet mop and a bucket
  • Caution signs
  • Detergent Solution
  • S6queegee
  • Floor cleaner

Manual Scrubbing

Manual scrubbing cleaning services in Sydney include the use of cleaning solutions and brushes to get rid of a lot of grease on the floors, sofas, and carpets. This type of cleaning does not involve any toxic or harsh solutions or chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly cleaning product. The expert cleaners in Sydney pay minute attention to detail and help in getting rid of the difficult areas and stains that might be hard to reach with automatic tools.

  • Mild detergent
  • Squeegee
  • Mop
  • Long-handled scrubbing brush
  • Bucket and water

Manual Floor Polishing

Floor polishing is another cleaning service in Sydney that can revive scratched, stained, and worn natural stone floors. It also assists in removing all the daily tears and wear. Manual polishing helps in restoring the glossy natural stone finish and smooth feel.

  • Proprietary polish for every surface or floor type, and clean cotton rags

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is the procedure of stain removal from various hard and soft surfaces. To remove the localized stain, treat and clean the area which is affected. Spot cleaning is perfect for cleaning the walls, carpets, flooring, and fabric.

  • Cleaning solvents
  • Cloths, cleaning agents
  • Cleaning brushes

Types of cleaning methods in Sydney

Different Types of Mechanized Cleaning Methods Used by the Professionals

Mechanized cleaning methods use equipment that is powered by electricity and saves time and effort. The different types include:

Suction or Vacuum Cleaning

Suction or vacuum cleaning is the most basic one among different types of cleaning methods controlled by mechanical equipment. The primary goal of this method is to get rid of maximum dry soil so that it never destroys the surface or it spreads too much. It also assists in eliminating dirt from the carpet edges and room corners. Professionals use high-filtration machines for picking up, packaging, and removing the soil without spreading it further.

  • A stiff broom
  • Mild detergent
  • Caution signs
  • Dry or wet vacuum cleaner with various attachments


Polishing uses a floor machine, a brush, or a soft pad to eliminate the soil. Experts carry out dust mopping or vacuuming as a follow-up process for removing the loose soil.

  • 175 to 1500 RPM machine


Stripping is one of the most aggressive cleaning methods that remove all the floor sealer and finish. It leaves a bare floor for refinishing.

  • Floor maintenance machine, including a black pad

Spray Buffing

Professionals use a floor machine and a soft brush or pad for this cleaning method. They spray a commercial cleaning solution’s mist and a finishing solution in front of the machine. Whenever the machine moves over the affected area, it will remove all the soil, light scratches, marks, and scuffs. Spray buffing restores the previous shine of the surface.

  • 175 to 300 RPM floor buffing machine with a soft pad
  • Detergent
  • Spraying bottle
  • Finishing solution


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