How Much To Charge For Cleaning Vacation Rentals?

vacation rental cleaning cost

Know Everything Related To Vacation Rental Cleaning Cost

One of the first things that guests look for in a vacation rental is cleanliness. The guests come and go, but the property owner has to get the place cleaned and get it ready for the upcoming stay. But it won’t be easy, if the vacation rental cleaning cost becomes expensive. The charges for cleaning the vacation rentals usually depend on several factors. In this article, we will get to know about different vacation rental cleaning packages and what factors influence them.

What Is The Average Vacation Rental Cleaning Cost?

The top vacation rental cleaning company makes sure to deliver the best service to the clients. They assess the exclusive cleaning demands of each client and meet them with the available suitable services. If your vacation rental needs a rapid clean-up, a general cleaning service is an ideal option for you. The average vacation rental cleaning price is mentioned in the table below.

If you want a cleaning session for the spring sessions, then you will need deep cleaning services. You can select commercial hourly cleaning packages if you only add some portion of the household to be clean. It is particularly helpful for large rentals that can pick some specific cleaning task.

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What Are The Factors Influencing Vacation Rental Cleaning Costs?

The charges for cleaning vacation rentals vary according to the following factors.

Property Size

The bigger the vacation rental is, the more will be the charge due to the large cleaning space. The house size is determined by either checking out the total rooms in the house or the total square foot area. Big properties need more cleaning team, effort and time to make it spotless.

Cleaning Type Required

There are two different types of cleaning services in Sydney: basic and deep. Basic cleaning includes usual sweeping, dusting, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and mopping. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is thorough. It is evident deep cleaning services will cost more as they need more time, employees, and supplies. Another moving in or out service requires more effort than deep cleaning. The cleaning company in Sydney has to remove the mess the guests have created and prepare it well for the next guests.

Client Location

Client location also determines the price. The farther the cleaning company has to move, the higher the price. Try to select a company which is located near your house. In this way, you do not have to pay double for the cleaners to reach your location.

State of The Property

The state of the property also determines the cleaning price. The messier the place is, the higher the cleaning charges will be. The cleaning company will ask you some questions related to the house’s condition, and by answering them correctly, you can lower the cleaning cost.

Job Complexity And Duration

Top cleaning companies usually charge a fixed or per-hour rate. Per-hour charges are applicable when you opt for regular cleaning. Whenever there is a large group of guests occupying your vacation rental, your place might need deep cleaning. Choose this service type at least once every two weeks for cleaning the hard-to-reach areas. Generally, cleaning companies send 2 to 3 cleaning personnel for a property with 2 bedrooms.

Cleaning Frequency

Cleaning frequency is another factor that affects the vacation rental cleaning price. The owner might need regular cleaning or cleaning between each guest’s stay interval, which can be days, weeks, or over a month. The cleaning company will maintain a specific cleaning schedule that will align with the occupancy of the property and guest turnover to make sure there is complete cleanliness.

Labor And Staffing Charges

The staffing and labor charges remain included in the vacation rental cleaning packages. The owner should hire a cleaning company based on the demand and size of the vacation rental. Aspects like the total number of cleaning specialists necessary, each cleaning session duration, and additional services such as maintenance or laundry tasks might determine the cleaning charges.

vacation rental cleaning price

Fixed And Hourly Cleaning Fees?

Some vacation rental cleaning companies charge on an hourly basis, while others prefer a fixed fee approach. There is another cleaning fee based on the commission, where a portion of the rental income goes towards cleaning. Each type of cleaning fee comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Thus, choose the fee type according to your financial goals and particular cleaning circumstances.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate is beneficial for those vacation rental owners who need different types of cleaning based on particular requests or the duration of the guests staying there. This cleaning fee ensures fair compensation and flexibility depending on the house cleaning services.

Fixed Rate

Most cleaning companies opt for fixed rental rates to simplify the pricing structure and offer a predictable income stream. This cleaning package will be advantageous for you if your vacation rental draws in more short-term stays.

Commission-Based Rate

A commission-based cleaning rate is appealing to vacation rental owners who want to combine rental income with the cleaning fee. Here, the cleaning cost is directly proportional to the vacation rental revenue generated.

Bottom Line

Vacation rentals are becoming a famous choice among tourists who love a home away from home feeling. In this digital era, vacation rental practices are on the rise. Thus, if you are an owner of a vacation rental, selecting a reputed commercial cleaning company like Multi Cleaning will improve the ratings and increase your booking numbers. They will know your requirements and make your vacation rental spotless like before.

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