House Cleaning Cost in Sydney

house cleaning Includes

* Cleaning of cabinet * Vacuuming rugs, chairs * Preparing beds  * Cleaning countertops * Floor mopping  * Windows and mirrors

Spic And Span House

Helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the house. Based on the house cleaning price list not compromising on the quality.

Cleaner And Healthier Home

A clean house leads to better mental and physical health. House cleaning keeps the environment positive and looks neat and spacious, you tend to be more stress-free.

Pay As Per Services

Clients can pay only for the required service. Sometimes it may be only the kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, etc.

Regular House Cleaning Cost list

Two-bedroom house $60 to $150 Three-bedroom house  $70 to $180  Four-bedroom house $150 to $250  Five-bedroom house starts from $250