What Does An End Of Lease Clean Includes?

What does an end of lease clean include

What’s Included In End of Lease Cleaning?

End-of-lease cleaning is for a tenant who plans to vacate their rented property. A renter must return the property to the owners in its original condition. End-of-lease helps renters match the expectations of landlords and thus also fulfil the terms of rent agreements. It is not about regular house cleaning. But, it’s much more than this. It requires professionals to work with a meticulous approach to address every nook and corner of a property.

Be it bedrooms, living space, kitchens, or bathrooms, the end of the lease cleaning includes various things. Let’s take an in-depth look at what’s included in end-of-lease cleaning.

Know What Does End Of Lease Clean Cover

1. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are where you spend a lot of time getting a sound sleep after getting over from hard work. But, you can sleep comfortably and relieve stress only when your bedroom is clean. It’s also true that these rooms accumulate a vast amount of dirt, dust, and grime with time.

So, when you hire professionals for end-of-lease cleaning, they perform various tasks, including dusting and wiping mirrors, and surfaces, vacuuming, mopping, etc. They also make your wardrobes and closet free.

2. Curtains

Curtains are essential items that beautify your premises, be it your home or offices, apart from their primary role in letting you control the sunlight. But, the main setback with curtains is they also attract dust and allergens.

So, if you avoid it during the cleaning process, it can create bigger problems. For cleaning curtains, you need to identify the material, then vacuum these curtains and clean them with the help of professional end-of-lease cleaners to remove stains and dirt.

3. Upholsteries

Upholstery cleaning is another crucial task that most end-of-lease cleaning service providers perform. Many upholstery items, including chairs, sofas, etc., can attract food crumbs, dust, and stains. When you hire end-of-lease cleaning services, these include spot cleaning and vacuuming to ensure these items are best for the new tenants.

4. Living Room

The living room is the best place where you do lots of activities and accommodate guests. Apart from this, it also houses various furniture and electronic items. So, cleaning the living room is crucial.

Apart from cleaning the surface of your living room, you should also clean all electronic items. You can dust some decorative items and ensure the floors are cleaned properly. The carpet is one of the items in your cleaning room. So, you can also clean it properly.

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5. Dining Room

The dining room is the area of any home where people gather to enjoy delicious food. So, one should clean it to maintain hygiene. It’s essential to let you enjoy your dinner time. End-of-lease cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of the dining area. When you hire professional cleaners to clean surfaces and various other items like chairs, tables, glass surfaces, etc., they do dusting and vacuuming to clean surfaces.

6. Kitchen

No matter what, kitchen cleaning is something that one can’t compromise in any circumstance. We prepare lots of food items in the kitchen. During cooking, the kitchen attracts stains, grease, and food residue.

End-of-lease cleaning also advocates for cleaning the kitchen and involves cleaning sinks, countertops, stovetops, microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, etc. Professional cleaners always focus on cleaning the interior of cabinets. They clean the extractor fans and also eliminate the buildup of any grease.

End of lease cleaning includes

7. Carpet Cleaning

As we already mentioned carpet cleaning. The main reason why carpet cleaning is essential is it attracts a higher amount of dirt and stains with time. When you approach professional commercial cleaners, they make your carpet free from dust, pet hair, stains, etc. Most landlords consider carpet cleaning as a part of end-of-lease cleaning.

8. Laundry

There may be a possibility that your rental property may include a laundry area. If yes, you can ensure you clean laundry items like washing machines, sinks, and dryers properly. It’s your responsibility to remove the lint clean filter, etc. It’s necessary to make sure laundry appliances are in good working condition.

9. Bathroom and Ensuite

No matter how tired you are, the bathroom is the best place to get rejuvenated after taking a relaxing bath. But, it’s also a fact that the bathroom is prone to be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. So, a proper cleaning is necessary for the bathroom. One can clean the bathroom through scrubbing, the bathtub, sink, shower, tile, etc.

Bathroom cleaning also involves cleaning various other items like mirrors, and faucets, removing soap scum, etc. Some rental properties are also available with an ensuite bathroom, which is generally connected to the primary bathroom. If your rental properties also have an ensuite bathroom, you should not forget to clean it. While cleaning an ensuite bathroom, you should pay special attention to cleaning shower doors, grout lines, storage spaces, etc.

10. Entrance and Corridors

Entrance and corridors are the main areas of any property and seek the attention of everyone who visits the property. These are some of the most accessible areas of any property. So, if the entrance and corridors of any property are dirty, it creates a negative impression on people. Therefore, end-of-lease cleaning also includes cleaning of these areas. You should focus on cleaning these areas and make them more inviting.

11. Additional Rooms and Places

Most rental properties often include several additional rooms like guest rooms, study rooms, storage rooms, and more. So, you can clean these rooms properly to make them organized. You can do dusting and vacuuming of these rooms to make them clean. Also, focus on window cleaning and mopping to wipe the floor. It helps you remove even a single dust particle from the floor.


You can keep in mind that end-of-lease cleaning is something that is a comprehensive process that involves cleaning every nook and corner of the property. Above are some of the areas that you should clean with a proper strategy. Multi Cleaning is a professional cleaner that helps you clean every corner of your rental property and fulfils all the end-of-lease cleaning requirements in Sydney.

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