What Is Bond Cleaning?

what is bond cleaning

What Is Bond Cleaning or Exit Cleaning?

Bond cleaning also known as exit cleaning is a thorough cleaning process performed on a rental property before the tenant period ends. So, when you are moving out of a property, you should clean the entire property according to the terms of the end of the lease or bond you agreed with the property owner to receive the full refund of the rental bond or security deposit.

Bond cleaning typically involves cleaning all areas of the property, including floors, walls, windows, carpets, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, and any other surfaces. It may also involve tasks such as removing stains, repairing damages, and ensuring that the property is in a condition fit for the next tenant to move in without the need for further cleaning or maintenance.

What Is The Rationale Behind Bond Cleaning?

The rationale behind bond cleaning is to reinstate the property back to its original condition so that the next lease can enjoy it without any hindrance. The realtor can lodge a claim against your bond if there is damage to the property or if it needs cleaning. The rationale behind exit cleaning is multifaceted:

Contractual Obligation

In many rental agreements, tenants are required to return the property in the same condition it was in at the beginning of the lease, minus reasonable wear and tear. Failing to do so can result in the landlord withholding part or all of the security deposit (bond) to cover cleaning costs.

Legal Compliance

End-of-lease cleaning ensures compliance with relevant tenancy laws and regulations, which often specify the level of cleanliness expected upon vacating a rental property.

Maximizing Security Deposit Return

Tenants typically pay a security deposit at the beginning of the lease, which acts as financial protection for the landlord. Bond cleaning helps tenants maximize the return of their security deposit by leaving the property in a clean and well-maintained condition.

Preserving Property Value

Regular cleaning and maintenance help preserve the value of the property over time. Exit cleaning plays a role in this by addressing any accumulated dirt, grime, or damage, thereby contributing to the property’s overall condition and value.

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Why Should You Opt For Bond Cleaning?

Now that you know what exit cleaning is and its rationale let’s check out why you need to opt for end-of-lease cleaning services. The service providers offer customized bond cleaning packages for the clients and clean according to your instructions. One of the key requirements is to ensure that the equipment used for cleaning is of the latest technology so that the place turns out to be dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria-free.

Elaborate End-of-Lease Cleaning Services

Bond cleaning is not easy until you realize that it is best left to the professionals. With expertise, experience, training, and a specialist approach from the service providers, you can ensure that your bond is refunded without any deductions. Also, ensure that the cleaning is done according to the approved standards and that the end-of-lease cleaning checklist is completed and adhered to. Some cleaning service providers also offer a bond-back guarantee for a short period which you can avail of. With advanced cleaning techniques and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, bid adieu to all the qualms and benefit from your end of the tenancy.

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Exit Cleaning Cost

Wondering what the bond cleaning cost would be? Well, that depends on the size and area of the bond property. Also, it will be based on the cleaning apparatus and materials used and the amount and type of cleaning required. So, talk to your cleaning agent to understand the type of services needed for the bond property. Make sure to ask for discounted prices too!

Exit Cleaning Checklist

Ahead of even beginning to clean, remember to do the prep work so that cleaning is done fast and efficiently. Your bond cleaning checklist should typically include the cleaning schedule, like how much time it will take to clean up the space. Then empty the space.

Make sure the right equipment and supplies such as brooms, brushes, dustpans, dusters, gloves, buckets, mop, vacuum, carpet steam cleaner, oven cleaner, oven scraper, preferred cleaning products, sugar soap, sponges, paper towels, towels, squeegee, newspapers, ladder, screwdriver are handy. Bathrooms and kitchens need special cleaning equipment to degrease the ovens and clean the tiled surfaces, shower heads, basins, and bathtubs.

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Bond cleaning is a task that is best done by professionals, they are proficient at it! It includes cleaning offices, commercial buildings, colleges & schools, child care centres, apartments, homes & villas, factories/warehouses, banks & shops, hospitals / medical centres, nursing homes / senior citizen care/day services, hotels & motels, events/party/function halls, government buildings, supermarkets, etc.

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