What Is Strata Cleaning?

strata cleaning

Heard Of Strata Cleaning?

It is a buzzword that has become common among cleaning companies like Multi Cleaning. It is an Australian concept for providing effective cleaning for shared spaces. So what are strata cleaning that even the general public is talking about? Read below to find the answer to this question:

What Are Strata Cleaning, And Why Is It Important?

This is a special cleaning type where a building or a space has zones or areas. These zones help property managers and owners help in taking care of the entire property. If you have an apartment or property with subdivided areas, then strata laws apply. This applies to commercial buildings too. These are laws that are an Australian concept but are popular across the globe. Countries like Canada, New Zealand, and India follow this cleaning concept. Strata cleaning is in great demand among property owners.

Strata cleaning applies to residential as well as commercial properties. It can be a tech part or a place that runs many businesses or a mall. The common areas like the lawn, hallways, elevators, etc. need care. For this, the building has a maintenance committee that hires strata cleaning services to clean them. Strata cleaning is important for:

Health and safety

The usage of communal places is more in all types of properties. That means it gets dirty fast. So it becomes necessary to designate to clean these places. This helps in preventing unsanitary conditions which can impact health. It is better to hire someone to clean these areas often as many people use them daily.

Proper cleaning

Cleaning common areas need professional expertise. For instance, sealing, stripping, and buffing of floors depend on the floor type. An important reason to use strata cleaning services is that they know how to do it. That helps in proper and effective cleaning.

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Best impression with a professional cleaning

A first impression is the best impression is apt in the case of buildings. The way the building looks plays an important role in creating this impression. Imagine your client walking through a hallway with cobwebs. Or a garden that is full of litter and weeds? It does not look good, right? A professional cleaning like Multi Cleaning can maintain the building and make the best impression.


Cleaning common areas without a vacuum cleaner is difficult. Strata cleaning services come with their cleaning tools. So there is no need for you to invest in them yourselves. So cleaning becomes easy as they bring tools as per needs and cleaning costs are affordable.

Cleaning and maintenance

As part of maintenance, some cleaning services also perform tasks that ensure the safety of the space. Changing fittings and light bulbs is tedious, but the cleaners do it easily. They also do the upkeep of the pool by cleaning and maintaining regularly. Pool equipment maintenance is also done along with other services.

What Cleaning Is Done By Strata Cleaning Services?

There are many different services in strata cleaning. It is mostly an all-inclusive cleaning service. But you can always add, remove or get different services. But in general, here are some of the services companies offer as strata cleaning.

strata cleaning services

Cleaning the floors

The floor surfaces are different in different areas. That is because each floor needs a different type depending on the location. Some may need stripping and buffing. Others may require sealing or all three. Proper cleaning becomes essential to make sure that they remain clean, safe, and neat. For this reason, cleaning floors is one of the common services.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are found in lobbies and other spaces. These need proper carpet cleaning, which includes steam cleaning. That ensures the removal of debris and bacteria that is in the fabric. A clean carpet makes a great impression on visitors.

Garden area

In this cleaning, the focus is to increase the aesthetic appeal. So removal of weeds, dead leaves, plants, and litter are some activities that are part of this cleaning. It also includes cutting grass and collecting bins which are part of regular cleaning. However, it does not cover complex tasks like repotting, adding pesticides, etc.

Lift area

The lift is one of the busiest areas in a building. It is important to keep it clean and sanitary so that the place is hygienic. The cleaning includes wiping the floor, stands, buttons, and door.

Common area

Lobbies and reception are one of the places with the most footprint. So the strata cleaning includes cleaning them regularly. Regular activities include cleaning the desks, floor, tables, sofas, windows, etc. It is disinfected and properly cleaned.

Checking and cleaning the lights

The shared spaces have a lot of fittings, emergency lights, and other lightings. Maintaining these by properly checking for problems and cleaning them is part of strata cleaning.

Disinfecting staircases

There is a huge number of people walking through the staircase and walkways. These need a thorough cleaning and reduce the risk of infections.

Other tasks:

  • Surface dusting and mopping of hard surfaces.
  • Removal of grease and oil and cleaning car parking.
  • Inside and outside windows and door cleaning.
  • Cleaning common kitchen area and outdoor sanitization.
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of common restrooms.
  • Taking out garbage and washing them.

There are many reasons strata cleaning is important. Foremost is because nobody wants to live in an unhealthy environment. Also, they have the tools and the knowledge to ensure proper and safe cleaning. Next, who is going to clean the common areas? That is why property owners and committees choose cleaning services. So overall, strata cleaning is necessary as a clean living environment is necessary. Also, strata cleaning costs are affordable, which is another advantage.

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