Window Cleaning Checklist

window cleaning checklist

What Should Your Window Cleaning Checklist Include?

Windows might seem negligible on the surface. But it takes real work in order to get them straight. This is because their surfaces are easily prone to accumulate dust, grime, and dirt. And also these are hard to clear up if you leave them to accumulate over a period of time. A perfect window cleaning checklist that you devise by taking into consideration everything necessary from the nature of the glass, the finish, the material of the frame, etc. All these can potentially take the efficiency of your procedure to subsequent levels. It just gets a lot easier when you have a perfect window-cleaning checklist in hand.

What Should Your Checklist Look Like For Effective Window Cleaning?

The order of things is very important to result in a crisply clean window.

  • Remove any clutter or setups from around the window panel to create an efficient working space
  • Dust the entire pane and glass to cast away surface accumulations.
  • Use a sprayer to water the corner to remove dust particles
  • Keep the solutions ready and apply them gently on the surface using a sprayer or even a microfiber cloth
  • Do not use any sharp objects to remove accumulations. Rather let them soak in the window cleaning solution for a good ten minutes to simply wipe them away
  • Use paper towels to gently remove the solution from the window after cleaning
  • Do not apply water unless and until the direction of the usage of the specific solution that you have in hand demands it
  • If you see any streaks, apply just a little more solution and clean the area in a circular motion
  • The pattern of cleaning can only be perfected with experience

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Things to Consider Before Checking Window Cleaning Checklist

1. Supplies Required

This is the first important thing that you should be planning is to get your supplies, equipment, and cleaning products in order. Always have a separate window cleaning solution rather than picking up some DIY recipes from the internet or utilizing an all-in-one.

You should ideally go for separate glass and frame cleaning solutions if possible. Have a sprayer, micro towel, paper tissues, and a brush for surface-level initial dusting stocked up before you dive into the procedure.

2. Procedure to follow

The kind of procedure that you pick plays a necessary role in determining the effectiveness of the procedure you perform. Look out for authoritative information and guidelines from regulatory bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), CDC (Center for Disease Control), and SWA (Safe Work Australia) for guidelines and other information.

Always spend time making your cleaners resourceful with the latest industry knowledge and information. This would make them handier to deal with.

3. Timelines to maintain

Windows must be duster on a day-to-day basis but then again you should disinfect them at least once every two days. You also need to sanitize all the touchpoints near them to keep their sanity in check. These timelines and keeping track of these should be well maintained in order.

When you hire window cleaning services, they’ll do it the best way possible. In addition to giving them a neat clean, they’ll intimate you about the cleaning timelines as well all by themselves.

4. Other precautions

Since the glass finish of the windows is easily prone to scratches and finishes with streaks, it is important that you clean them cautiously. And when you go for cleaning complicated areas like big-rise window cleaning, always be sure that your employees are properly equipped with safety harnesses and other backup precautions in place.

Or better hire commercial window cleaning when it comes to sensitive requirements like these. They will have sufficient subject-matter expertise and all the resources that are needed for cleaning these. The hourly rates of these tarts at about $100 an hour.

With us, you’ll also have the benefit of add-on insurance with third-party liability and workers’ compensation benefits to taking care of any repairs or repercussions even in the case of any unintended accidents or damages.

window cleaning checklist

How Can We Add Value to the Checklist?

When it comes to office cleaning, it is necessary that you clean your place from corner to corner for added effectiveness in everything that you do. We are sufficiently experienced in this field and have been working hands-on for over a decade on similar requirements. We exactly know what we should do to make your windows shine like never before.

1. Affordable packages

All the services that we offer come with justified pricing where the returns you reap for your cleaning investment are going to be absolutely worth it. We also offer custom cleaning packages where you only pay for the exact demands of your premises without having to pay anything extra.

We also offer recurring cleaning packages at daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and bi-monthly frequencies for which our prices further go down since you’ll be our long-term partner in growth for such requirements. The window cleaning checklist that we come prepared with can beat anyone else out there who offers it at the same cost as us.

2. Resourceful cleaners

All our cleaners are English speakers and they’re extremely diligent in everything they make happen at your premises. All the cleaners we send your way are all police-verified and background-checked prior before we send them your way for added safety. They’re all diversely experienced and are capable of bringing the best commercial cleaning solutions to the table for you.

3. Green procedures

All the supplies and equipment that we go for are green in nature and the products we pick are also extremely eco-friendly. We only go with products that are hand-picked to give you the best results while also reducing any harsh side effects and your carbon footprints along the way.

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