List Of Window Cleaning Equipment Used By Cleaning Companies

window cleaning equipment

Window Cleaning Equipment For Immaculate Cleaning

Window cleaning requires appropriate tools and equipment, especially when done professionally. This will ensure effective and immaculate cleaning. If you want to have your windows cleaned by a professional service, you need to know about the equipment that would be used. There are several window cleaning equipment made specifically for high-rise or commercial buildings.

Types Of Window Cleaning Equipment


These are quite common in cleaning. They usually come with a rubber blade fixed to a handle. Squeegees are used to wipe away the moisture on the glass surfaces as they can effectively squeeze out the water.


Scrubbers are nothing but fabric cylinders used to scatter cleaning solution and water over glass. Microfiber scrubbers are effective in cleaning grime and dirt.

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Towels and sponges

These help to remove water and cleaning solution in places where the squeegees cannot reach. They can most effectively clean stains left by birds.

Ladder and ladder clamps

Ladders are essential to reach unreachable places. Ladder clamps are used to fasten the ladder easily to the roof rack of the transport vehicle that is being used to transport the window cleaning equipment.

Safety goggles & glasses

When cleaning the outer windows of a building, cleaning professionals will be exposed to the sun and wind. Wearing goggles or glasses will protect them from debris getting into their eyes. It is a safety measure that is very much needed.

Ropes & harnesses

Cleaning professionals will have to clean the window of high-rise buildings, and in most cases, there may not be lift facilities. In such cases, they complete the work with ropes and harnesses that will hold them safely until the work is completed. Multi Cleaning adheres to safety protocols.

window cleaning equipments


This is one more alternative used by professional cleaners instead of lifts when cleaning high-rise buildings. A seat board provides a strong place to sit for cleaning professionals. Seat boards come in various sizes and are fixed to a harness.

Safety tools

For window cleaning in Sydney, safety tools such as ascenders, descenders, safety lanyards, rope grabs, suction cups, carabiners, and helmets are vital. Professionals place safety cones, signs, and tape to warn passersby of the work going on.

Water storage

Use jerry cans to carry water. Using these cans to take water is ideal as it is easy to carry. As the best in window cleaning services, we have a complete set of window cleaning equipment that can help in cleaning the windows immaculately clean.

For tips on choosing window cleaning equipment, be it a commercial or residential building, just run a check online or enquire with friends. There is loads of info available that can be put to use effectively. However, the most important aspect of cleaning is the quality of the cleaning equipment.

Is Window Cleaning Equipment Expensive?

One question that most people ask is: Is the cleaning equipment expensive? Well, you can find all the cleaning equipment at very reasonable prices at hardware stores or home centers. Also, the cleaning equipment will last for several years, so once invested, you may not have to buy another for many years.

Cleaning High-rise Buildings

Most commercial buildings are high-rise buildings. Therefore, cleaning these buildings to keep them spic and span is very essential. Acquiring cleaning equipment for these buildings is easy, but cleaning high-rise buildings is not easy. Taking help from professional services is a good idea. Window cleaning is relatively easy if you have the right kind of materials and equipment to take care of it.

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