What Does Professional Window Cleaning Include?

Window Cleaning Include

Tasks That Are Included In Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning is one of the crucial services that are much more than just wiping away streaks. It includes a variety of tasks, and techniques that aim to ensure the window looks fabulous. Besides, it also ensures the longevity and high-end functionality of Windows. Professionals can handle window cleaning tasks better with their expertise in using the right tools.

An experienced window cleaning professional tackles several challenges. So, you may be thinking, what does professional window cleaning include? They clean the exterior and interior of your window frames, surfaces, sills, etc., by utilizing the most effective and safest methods. Besides, they also use eco-friendly solutions, water-fed poles, high-pressure washing, etc.

Window Cleaning Includes Various Sections

Let’s take an in-depth overview of various tasks that a professional window cleaning company performs.

Exterior Window Cleaning

1. Removing Debris

Professionals are responsible for cleaning the exterior of your window by removing any loose debris, including dirt, dust, leaves, cobwebs, and several other contaminants.

2. Squeegee

Most window cleaning professionals possess vast expertise in using this technique. The tool serves its actual purpose of removing spots from glass and making it crystal clear.

3. Washing and Scrubbing

It’s another crucial task that the majority of professionals perform. Most professionals use several specialized tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove mineral deposits, stubborn stains, grime, etc.

4. Frame Cleaning

Window cleaning professionals also focus on the frames of your windows and clean them by removing dirt or residue. It boosts the overall appearance of windows as well.

5. Window Screen

Cleaning Some windows have screens. Professionals clean the screen by separating it from the window. They make it free from dust and debris to ensure better air circulation.

6. Stain Removal with the Use of Hard Water

Hard water often leaves minerals on your windows. So, professional cleaners in Sydney are also responsible for removing hard water stains with their expertise and by using various tools. It helps them restore the clarity of your glass.

Interior Window Cleaning

1. Remove Dust and Debris

Dust and dirt also accumulate on the interior of your window over time. So, professionals first remove dirt from the interior area of your window. They remove dirt from tracks, sills, and various surrounding areas.

2. Clean Interior Glass Surface

The next task that interior window cleaning includes is cleaning the interior glass surface. Professionals use the safest and the most effective cleaning solutions for this. These solutions are perfect for your windows while removing smudges, dirt, and fingerprints.

3. Squeegee

Professional cleaners also use this technique to clean the interior of windows. It ensures a streak-free finish. It requires a specific skill to get the desired outcomes.

4. Detailing

Most window cleaning professionals pay special attention to details to ensure every corner of the interior side of your window is spotless. This kind of approach guarantees your window appears fantastic from both inside and outside.

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Frame and Sill Cleaning

1. Dirt Removal

Professional starts frame cleaning by removing dust and debris that accumulate on the surface of your windows. Professional cleaners use several tools such as clothes, brushes; appropriate cleaning solutions, etc. to clean these areas with perfection.

2. Prevention of Mold

Be it sills or frames, they are prone to develop mildew and mold, especially during the season of higher humidity. Window cleaners use anti-microbial solutions to tackle the growth of various harmful organisms.

3. Protection Against Moisture Damage

During the process of frame and sill cleaning, professional cleaners also perform the inspection work to find out any signs of moisture decay or damage. They address these issues quickly to prevent costly reparation work.

4. Lubricate Various Moving Parts

Window cleaners are also concerned about dealing with lubrication works of several moving parts. The professionals can easily lubricate tracks, hinges, and several other components to ensure easy and smooth operation.

5. Improve Aesthetics

A proper cleaning of window sills and frames can indeed improve the beauty of windows. Besides, it also enhances its overall lifespan. You need to understand that regular maintenance of this is something that is of great importance. It preserves the integrity of your windows as well.

Included in window cleaning

Products and Supplies for Professional Window Cleaning

1. Extension Poles

An extension pole is one of the essential items that professionals use most commonly. It helps them reach and access even those high windows safely. They attach these poles to scrubbers, squeegees, or various other cleaning tools to clean windows multiple stories high. It prevents them from using ladders.

2. Bucket

Another essential window cleaning product is a bucket, either with a scrubber holder, mop, or belt attachment. It makes it easy for professionals to carry cleaning supplies, while they are at work. It enables them to have everything within their reach. It minimizes the necessity of climbing up and down the ladder.

3. Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is one of the essential cleaning products professionals use for cleaning different areas, apart from windows. It’s the best option for drying and detailing windows. It doesn’t leave any streak or lint and ensures a perfect finish. These clothes are perfect and reusable. One can wash it after every use.

4. Scrubbers and T-Handles

Professionals use scrubbers to loose dirt and grime on the surface of the glass before they perform squeezing. These are available with T-handles to make an easy grip, which makes it perfect to clean windows with higher efficiency.

5. Safety Equipment

Safety is something that one can’t compromise in any circumstances. There are several safety accessories professionals use to do window cleaning safely, be it safety glasses, gloves, and also when working at some heights.

6. Window Cleaning Solution

Window cleaning service providers often use a top-quality window cleaning solution. They use solutions designed mainly for streak-free results and also are fully safe to use for different types of glass, including tempered and tinted. Some cleaners, on the other hand, are also available in a concentrated form, which one can dilute based on their needs. It makes them cost-effective.


So, above are some of the tasks you can expect from professional window cleaning services in Sydney. Make sure your service provider uses high-quality solutions and advanced tools to perform window cleaning efficiently. Multi Cleaning is one of the reliable professionals that has a good track record in the market and promises to deliver fantastic window cleaning services.

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