Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your windows

Explore The Window Cleaning Mistakes To Ignore

With time, grime and pollution gather slowly on the windows, both outside and inside. It thus blocks the sunlight and obstructs the view. We always look for ways to make our home, particularly windows, fresh and tidy. But improper cleaning might lead to thick streaks, further making the condition worse. Most people make some classic window cleaning mistakes, which results in unclear and still-dirty windows.

Having a crystal clear window is a challenging task, and you need to have the correct tools for it. You should also seek some advice from the professionals and go through their window cleaning checklist to know what you should do and what not. We have discovered the most common mistakes to avoid while cleaning the windows of your home. Let us learn about them one by one.

Top Window Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the windows protects the air quality inside the house and also prevents any damage to the window panes. Window cleaning also helps in maintaining the energy efficiency level in a home. But while cleaning the windows every once or twice in a month, you should avoid the following mistakes.

Not Dusting First

The first task that will make sure your window is clean is to dust them. It will help you to remove dirt or other debris before beginning the process of window cleaning. Also, it will not create any streaking. Your window should be free from debris, other surface-level dirt, and dust before using the cleaning solutions or water. Otherwise, you will be just moving the dirt around. Use a vacuum cleaner with attachments for this job.

Applying Too Much Pressure

Applying too much or unnecessary pressure might scratch the glass of the window while wiping it down. Since scratched glass repair or replacement is expensive, it is best to avoid this mistake. Thus, implement light strokes without pressing them hard against the glass window pane (single or double).

Directly Applying The Solution On Window

By directly applying the cleaning solution or water on the window without cleaning, the dirt will turn into a muddy mess. You can remove all the dirt from the windowpane with the help of a brush or a vacuum cleaner. If your window screen has a grimy cover, remove and wash it with sudsy and hot sudsy water and a brush.

In the next step, rinse them and dry it before setting it back. Go over both sides of the blinds and shades for dusting with a microfiber duster. You can also open the slats and clean each of them with a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth.

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Not Using The Right Cleaning Products

Using an incorrect cleaning solution can cause heavy damage to the window, making it more expensive and harder to clean efficiently in the future. Some cleaning solutions include ammonia, which might etch the glass surface or strip off the protective coatings. If your window has any of these materials, then it can become discolored and damaged with time.

Also, never use any harsh chemicals like scouring or bleaching powders to clean the windows. These cleaners leave a residue that is tough to eliminate and thus damage the window surface if left for a long time. Sometimes, these cleaners also produce unhealthy and unpleasant fumes. It’s evident to find a gentle cleaning solution particularly designed for windows and clean with it. It will also protect you from other potential hazards related to the use of inappropriate cleaners.

Cleaning With Abrasive Materials

It is vital to use a non-abrasive cleaner like mild detergent or vinegar on the windows with vinyl sashes or painted frames. Never use any scouring pads or steel wool on the window glass which might scratch them.

Mistakes to avoid while window cleaning

Using Cheap Paper Towels

Using cheap newspaper or paper towels is another window cleaning mistake, as it leaves smears and streaks and can also damage the glass. It also wastes cleaning products since it sticks to the glass surface and makes it tough for the solution to work efficiently. You can use absorbent and lint-free microfiber cloth, which will never leave any residue behind.

Microfiber clothes will make sure that the windows are streak-free and clean after each cleaning. Also, these clothes will never harm or scratch the window panes like newspaper or paper towels might do. Rinse the microfiber cloth with warm water before using it on the window to get the best outcome. It will also eliminate all the dirt particles from the fibers and will not transfer them to the window while cleaning.

Trying To Clean On A Windy Day

Most people often make the mistake of choosing a windy day for cleaning the windows. It makes their job more difficult as strong wind blows away the debris and dirt. So, according to the opinion of the top window cleaning company in Sydney, it is better to select a day with an average temperature for cleaning the windows.

Forgetting To Make Use of Cleaning Staples

Most professional window cleaning services implement only the top-notch cleaning solution and warm water for cleaning the window. But if the windows are extremely dirty, then you have to wet it with lukewarm water, clean it with extra fine microfiber cloth, and finally squeegee the entire pane. You do not have to rinse them after cleaning the windows. The cleaning solution and the water will break down the surface tension on the window and prevent streaks on it. The solution will also lubricate the squeegee for sliding smoothly on the window glass. If you do not have an appropriate cleaning solution, use baking soda and vinegar.


So, these are some of the most common window-cleaning mistakes one should avoid. But honestly, no one has the time nowadays to do cleaning and dusting regularly. Thus, it is best to hire a cleaning company in Sydney like Multi Cleaning to do the job. They offer excellent window cleaning services at affordable rates and have a well-proven track record with numerous positive reviews.

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